Are you arguing with your fiance more than usual?

Every relationship has its trials and tribulations, but when you’re experiencing repeated issues before you get married, it might give you some trepidation about your big day. In order to avoid a rocky marriage, it might be best to consider pre marriage counseling.

In this post, we’re going to look at some of the signs that might indicate that you should try couples therapy before committing to marriage. No issue is too big to overcome, but your troubles can become a lot more complicated once you’re legally wed to one another. Keep reading and learn if you should seek help for your relationship woes.

You Feel the Distance

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If you feel yourself or your partner – or both of you – moving away from each other emotionally, it might be time to seek premarital counseling. The process of planning a marriage can get extremely stressful, but this is a time when you need to stick together, not grow apart.

All relationships have conflict and ways of dealing with conflict, but if your default reaction is to stay away from the other person, that doesn’t bode well for your life together. Couples therapy will help you understand why this is happening and whether marriage is going to make it better or worse.

You’re Fighting More Than Before

When you’re in a relationship for a long time, there’s a progression that society tells you that you should have. It all leads up to an engagement and then marriage, but societal pressure isn’t a good reason to get married.

If your fights have gotten more frequent and fierce as the years have gone by, it’s not a good sign. This isn’t to say that you should be calling off the wedding, but it should give you pause.

Tips For Coping With Divorce Stress

One of the biggest reasons to go to therapy is that you aren’t getting along like you used to. Before you enter into a marriage, sit down in pre marriage counseling and try to figure out how to make this better.

Doubts Have Crept In

Has doubt started to creep in about your upcoming marriage? Getting cold feet is a common occurrence for young couples, but you can overcome it with a little bit of communication.

In therapy for couples, a trained professional will help you work through your respective doubts so that you feel stronger about your relationship going into your wedding. If the doubt is founded it something deeper than nerves, you’ll find this out in couples therapy as well.

You’re Not On the Same Page

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Again, planning a wedding can be difficult. You’ve got to work together to make decisions about everything from your guest list to the decor and catering. If you find yourselves in spats about everything having to do with the wedding, you should see a therapist to get on the same page again.

Pre Marriage Counseling Can Work

If you’re experiencing any of these things, then entering into pre marriage counseling might be the right move for you and your future spouse. It’s not an admission of failure to see a couples therapist, it shows that you’re invested in making things work. Find a counselor near you and fix your relationship so that you can go ahead with your wedding.

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