A lot of people have little to no knowledge about the beauty of Ukraine and its potential to be a tourist hotspot. Being the largest country in Europe, Ukraine offers a lot of things to returning and new tourists. The country’s history, diversity, and culture can sure captivate a first time visitor and make him or her want to discover more.

Many people only know Ukraine for its close proximity to Russia, and perhaps arguably the most famous human-made disasters in history, the Chernobyl Nuclear Power explosion in 1986. But throughout the years, Ukraine has slowly but surely changed for the better. With this in mind, we have compiled the top 5 reasons why you should visit Ukraine as soon as possible.

Beautiful People; Beautiful Women

Since Ukraine boasts its vast land area, the country offers a lot of options to its tourists. From beautiful mountain ranges to its breathtaking valleys, rivers, and forests. Ukraine also has a diverse cultural mix and history. Ukrainians are also typically warm and welcoming.

If you are looking for a party and make friends, then Ukraine is the place to go. The locals are very friendly, and you will surely gain some new friends during your stay. Ukrainians also love to drink alcohol and booze. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), Ukraine ranks sixth in alcohol consumption per capita per year.

Dating in Ukraine is also slowly becoming known all throughout the globe. Ukrainian women value the importance of having a serious relationship that emphasizes the values of love and respect. It is also an added bonus that Ukrainian women are ranked among the world’s most beautiful women. If you want to date a Ukrainian, here’s the link to one of the best Ukrainian dating sites out there.

The Seven Wonders of Ukraine

Ukraine boasts not only its women but also its seven heritage sites. The seven wonders show you how diverse Ukraine is both in culture and history. The breathtaking Saint Sophia Cathedral, located in the country’s capital city Kyiv, is a historical landmark that showcases the architectural knowledge of Ukrainian builders.

Having the seven wonders also show you how Ukrainians strive to preserve their culture and history. As a nation, Ukraine embodies an individual’s characteristics who continues to move forward while also remembering his or her past.

Ease in Transport

Having such a vast land area, it is good to know that Ukraine has an organized and well-developed system of public transportation. You can go around Ukraine by utilizing buses and trams. The country also has a cheap public transportation system that gets you to your destination fast and hassle-free. Ukraine also has marshrutkas or small buses for public transport.

World’s Deepest Metro Station

Aside from the seven heritage sites, Ukraine also has the world’s deepest metro station. Arsenalna is located in its capital city Kyiv. This resides along the Sviatoshynsko-Brovarska train line. This metro station was built in 1960. As the name suggests, it was named after the city’s Arsenal Factory.

This Metro station goes down 105.5 meters below ground, making it the world’s deepest metro station. It also crosses an entire length of a river. Numerous escalators and staircases are found inside the metro station. Escalator rides take about 5 minutes to complete.

Ukrainian Cuisine

Ukrainian cuisine boasts of a wide array of various cooking traditions that have been handed down from generation to generation. Contrary to popular belief, chicken Kyiv did not originate from Ukraine’s capital city. Some people believe that the dish originated from the Russian empire, while others say it came from France.

The typical diet in Ukraine consists of beef, pork, and chicken. The country also has an appetite for fish, eggs, mushrooms, and potatoes. This being said, the country’s most popular dishes remain to be Varenyky and Holubsty. Varenyky is a dish that is likened to a boiled dumpling with different fillings of potatoes and mushrooms. Golubtsy is a stuffed cabbage roll.

The Air Up There

The country has a typical temperate and continental climate. Summers are not that hot, with temperatures ranging anywhere from 17 degrees celsius to 30 degrees celsius. The wintertime, however, can be freezing. This will attract a lot of snow that makes every winter like a Christmas winter wonderland. Ukraine also has a lot of ski resorts ideal for adventure seekers.

The Ukrainian Easter Egg and Easter Celebration

Easter egg painting is a big deal in Ukraine. Ukrainian Easter eggs called pysanka are often decorated with intricate designs. Each design varies from region to region. In Ukraine, Easter is known as Velykden, which means “The Great Day.” Churches hold special Easter services, and meals are often decorated with pysanka.


After reading this article, one can say that Ukraine is indeed Europe’s sleeping giant. With a land area of 603,628 square kilometers, the country has a lot to offer for first-time tourists. Ukraine remains to be the go-to destination if you are looking for love, beautiful women, and picturesque landscapes.

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