Oh, Canada! Can be your home and native land β€” but should it?

If you, like so many others, are contemplating a move to the Great White North, but aren’t sure if it’s the right fit, stop worrying; Canada is an excellent place to live.

Once you can get past the winters, Canada is a vast and diverse country that has something to offer everyone. From their stellar healthcare to their rich mixed culture, it is a fantastic place that those who live there are lucky to call home.

Still not sure about Canada? Allow us to convince you.

Here are five fantastic reasons why you and your family should move to Canada.

1. Safety First!

Go ahead and take a look at a few local Canadian news sites, like the CBC or Bench News. There’s not an awful lot of violent crime to speak of in Canada β€” especially when compared to a few other developed countries.

Canada is currently ranked the sixth safest country in the entire world in the 2020 Global Peace Index, which is no small victory. For the most part, the country is a very peaceful place, where you can rest assured that you and your family will be able to live happily and safely.

2. Universal Healthcare

Every year hundreds of thousands of people declare bankruptcy due to healthcare expenses. But, unexpected medical bills are just a part of life β€” right? Well, not if you live in a country with universal healthcare.

Thanks to their incredible universal healthcare system, Canadians can receive the medicine and medical help they need without running the risk of financial ruin. If ever you get piling debts, declaring personal bankruptcy in Canada is not just the only solution you have too, learn more about consumer proposals here: https://www.bankruptcy-canada.ca/what-is-a-consumer-proposal.

3. Excellent Education

In Canada, all children, up to age 19, receive a free, world-class education. But it doesn’t stop there.

Grade schools aside, Canada is also home to some of the most renowned universities in the world. So, by moving to Canada, you can ensure your children receive one of the best educations they possibly can.

4. Economic Opportunities

Not only is Canada one of the strongest economies in the world, according to the World Economic Forum, it’s also one of the most stable. Canada has plenty of highly lucrative job and business opportunities for recent arrivals to enjoy. Canadian government gives the opportunity of hiring foreign workers if companies weren’t able to hire local employees. So, it’s quite possible to find a well-paid job even if you are an immigrant. Although, before hiring foreigners, companies must go through LMIA process which will allow them to hire immigrants. You can check out the LMIA application process if you are interested in moving and working in Canada.

5. Breathtaking Landscapes

Canada is the second-largest country in the world, and all that land is stunning in unique ways.

Aside from the economic and quality of life benefits that come with moving to Canada, you’ll also get to enjoy all the natural beauty the country has to offer. From lush woodland and vast lakes to stunning icy tundra, Canada is home is a mix of beautiful biomes you can enjoy whenever you like.

On top of the varied landscape, Canadians also get to enjoy four distinct seasons.

Ready to Move to Canada?

On top of all these benefits that come with relocating to the Great White North, there is one reason we didn’t mention.

It’s easier to move to Canada than ever before.

Canada is trying to attract immigrants, and part of that initiative included loosening a few of the requirements to become a citizen. So, if Canada seems like the best place for you and your loved ones to call home, now is the time to make the change.

Are you looking for a little more information on how to prepare for a long-distance move, or want a few more options for places to relocate? We’ve got you covered.

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