Florida has one of the highest numbers of nurses in the country. As per data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Florida ranks #4 for the highest employment of nurses by state. This is partly due to a larger retirement community with the older population requiring more health care.

There is no shortage of primary care nurses in Florida. According to registerednursing.org, Florida is expected to have an excess of registered nurses by 2030. However, the state is expected to have nursing shortages in some specialized areas of medicine. Therefore, for people who wish to pursue a successful career in nursing, it would be advisable to specialize or obtain an advanced degree because this is where most future nursing jobs will be in Florida. Nursing schools are already preparing for this demand and have started offering different advanced online nursing programs.

The top nursing jobs in demand in Florida

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  1. Home health care nurses are in very high demand across Floridaโ€™s elderly population. Many seniors in Florida reside in long-term care facilities. Home healthcare nurses play a valuable role in providing home care services to this population segment. These services can vary from running errands, providing companionship, administering medications, meal preparation, and appointment reminders. In addition, some home care nurses also provide wound care, respite care, palliative care, and serious injury care
  2. Licensed practical nurses are also in great demand in most hospitals and long-term care facilities in Florida. LPNs have several duties, including monitoring, observing, and assessing clients. In addition, they also look out for new symptoms, reactions to medication, and the overall progress of the patient. LPNs can administer medications, assist with medical procedures, perform certain procedures, educate patients on nutrition, medication compliance, disease prevention, and health promotion. They also provide invaluable health information to the families and caregivers of patients.
  3. Adult-gerontology primary care nurses (AGNP) are specialized nurses certified in gerontology and have the necessary skills to manage elderly people. Because Florida has a high population of seniors, AGNPs are consistently in demand all over the state. Many of these nurses work in hospices, long-term care facilities, hospitals, urgent care clinics, correctional institutions, and primary care clinics.
  4. Operating room nurses are usually RNs with extensive training in surgical procedures and instruments. However, their work is not confined to passing instruments to surgeons. They also assess patients before, during, and after surgery. Some operating room nurses have a perioperative nurse certificate and are qualified to assist surgeons. While some operating room nurses work in specialized surgical suites, most are versatile and can work with all types of surgeons and procedures. These nurses usually work in hospitals, outpatient surgery clinics, and even private surgical practices.
  5. Critical care nurses are some of the most highly trained nurses and possess various skills. They have added certification in critical care and have excellent job opportunities and demand in Florida. They look after the sickest patients in hospitals and are trained to monitor, assess and evaluate all types of patients in the intensive care unit. Apart from administering medications, critical care nurses are well acquainted with life support systems, including the mechanical ventilator. These nurses are also some of the highest-paid professionals in nursing.

In which Florida cities are nurses most in demand

How To Pick The Right Nursing Home For Your Needs

Jobs for specialized or highly skilled nurses are available in most cities in Florida. In addition, there is a significant shortage of LPNs and gerontology nurses across the state. Cities that are currently in need of nurses include Orlando, Miami, Cape Coral, West Palm Beach, Jacksonville, Port St Lucie, Lakeland, and Tampa Bay. In addition, there are ample job opportunities in long-term care facilities and senior homes in most towns and cities in Florida.

How to find nursing jobs in Florida

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Nurses looking for jobs in Florida can benefit from the following tips:

  • Search online for jobs in specific hospitals. For example, Google the list of hospitals in your city of interest, browse their job openings and apply to the human resource department.
  • Browse through online job platforms to find an opportunity that meets your skills and interest.
  • Speak to your friends and colleagues who are already working in Florida. Networking can go a long way in finding out about lucrative opportunities.
  • Register with nursing recruiting agencies. This is perhaps the best way of getting nursing jobs. Recruitment agencies are the first to know about job vacancies in healthcare facilities across the state.

Before applying, it is important to have an up-to-date resume detailing your education, experience, and certification. Overall, there is ample demand for nurses in Florida, and you can easily find the right opportunity in hospitals, private clinics, offices, schools, pharmacies, ambulance/helicopter medical teams, home health care settings and senior living communities.

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