There’s nothing like the satisfaction that comes with snapping the perfect shot. This is doubly true if the subject matter is fitting, and there’s no better subject worth photographing than the beauty of Mother Nature herself.

Nature photography is a great niche for anyone with a camera to get into, whether you’re a nervous beginner (like many newcomers!) or a seasoned pro. However, if you’re just starting out you might be unsure of how to pull off shots that really capture the wonder of the great outdoors.

Read on and we’ll walk you through some basics to set you off on the right path.

1. Get Familiar With Your Camera First

You’ve got your new camera in hand and you’re ready to hit the woods. However, your eagerness might actually be getting in the way of capturing the kinds of shots you really want to be on top of.

If you haven’t yet mastered your own camera, you might not be ready to trek out into the wild with it. Take photos in your backyard and get the hang of shooting outside. Find settings that produce the kind of images you like.

As a general rule of thumb, shooting in RAW will produce the best images.

Shooting with a low ISO but high shutter speed will help bring in the right amount of light. However, it’s best to follow your own heart and see what settings produce the kind of photography that you want to do.

2. What Do You Want to Capture?

Having a plan before you head out to the wild can really go a long way. There are all kinds of different elements in nature worth getting pictures ofβ€” you might need to think and narrow down your focus before embarking on your trip.

Do you want to capture wildlife or scenery? Landscapes or the finer details? What kind of nature photographer do you want to be?

Picking a focus early on will help you to bring the necessary gear you need to make those photos really shine. You might need a different sort of lens to capture something properly. You even might need to go to different parts of the day to get the kinds of shots you need.

Picking a focus doesn’t mean you can’t snap photos of other elements once you’re out in nature, but planning ahead can make sure you’re equipped to get the actual shots that you really want.

If you’re not sure what you want to focus on, looking at some existing photography might get the mind going. Garsha18 Photography has a number of great shots to serve as inspiration.

3. Patience is Key

Nature won’t always bend to your will! Sometimes it might be difficult to get the kind of shot you want. An animal might not come out of an enclave for you unless you wait a long while.

The sun might not come out from behind those clouds, giving the mountainscape the perfect look.

Give yourself plenty of time when you go out into nature and remember to be as patient as possible. Great photographs come to those who wait.

Mastering Nature Photography

If you’re looking to learn how to photograph nature, the above information can provide a few helpful tips and tricks. Nature photography might have a bit of a learning curve, but with a little bit of practice, you’ll be taking amazing shots.

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