Are you thinking about joining a members club in London and are wondering which one you should pick? If you’re looking for some of the best member-only clubs in this amazing city, keep reading.

In this guide, we will let you in on some of the top private club options the city of London has to offer as well as the perks that come with each one. Find the members-only club that strikes your fancy with this helpful guide.

1. The Arts Club

The Arts Club

If you’re looking for an impressive club with 24-hour butler service, The Arts Club is the place to be. What’s perhaps most charming about this 18th-century structure is that it was a club founded by historic icons, such as the writer Charles Dickens. Members included the artist Rodin among others and was founded in hopes to be an artistic and creative space.

Today, the club offers tons of amazing dining options including an oyster bar, a Japanese restaurant, and a brasserie. There are gardens and terraces available for lounging as well as a nightclub for delicious cocktails. There is always something to do at The Arts Club, which has scheduled program and event offerings such as live music, panel discussions, and riveting exhibitions.

This club is known for its socialites and icons, even as of recently. For example, popular musician and producer, Mark Ronson, was the previous music director of the club. There is a gym available for members as well as a spa and treatment center that offers both cosmetic and healthcare treatments.

This club is the perfect fit for anyone who has a rich appreciation for the arts.

2. Annabel’s


Annabel’s has a reputation of being the most exclusive and luxurious members club in the world. Founded in 1963, the club has a rich history of hosting Hollywood’s finest, from the Queen of England herself, to Leonardo DiCaprio and Elizabeth Taylor. The club offers a restaurant that acts almost like an adult playground, with much to see and do.

The decor is opulent and exaggerated for anyone looking to be transported into another world. With past members such as Richard Nixon and Frank Sinatra, this club will not disappoint.

3. Mark’s Club

Mark's Club

Mark’s Club opened in 1973 and does the perfect job of combining the old and new. The design is whimsical and charismatic, even boating a circus-themed meeting room. Overall, the goal of Mark’s Club is to act as a home away from home for members, offering French Dining.

There is also a fireplace as well as a covered terrace ideal for lounging with a cocktail from the elegant bar. To learn more about the best members clubs in London, head to the link.

Find the Best Members Club in London for You

When trying to pick a members club in London you may be overwhelmed with the options available. However, you will not be disappointed with these awesome options in this glorious city.

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