No matter how many modern facilities are there in the city, the best judge of a city’s facilities is the number and quality of healthcare providers in it.

Having different healthcare providers in a city means that the residents can avail of their services as and when required. It gives the citizens peace of mind that there would be a healthcare provider no matter what ailment they are suffering from.

Local Healthcare Providers in Townsville

The Australian healthcare department is quite good, but there are limits to what the public system can do. In States like Queensland, there are only sixteen public hospitals. So, the private clinics in Australia play an equally important role by offering world-class healthcare to the citizens.

Townsville is a small city with numerous destinations and spots for families to visit. The suburban environment attracts many people to live in Townsville. It also has a high number of healthcare providers, from a physiotherapist to a dentist Townsville, and you can find most healthcare professionals in the city.

Here are the top healthcare providers in Townsville.

1. PhysioFit


As the name suggests, it is a physiotherapy clinic in the city that helps people improve their physical fitness. They offer physiotherapy, massage, pilates, sports screening, needle therapy and other such services. The clinic proudly boasts about its super friendly staff and trained physiotherapists who have relevant experience in the industry.

If you have sustained a sports injury or wish to further improve your fitness, you must visit them.

2. Child Health and Development Centre

It is essential to focus on your children’s overall development. While you will be able to help your children with everything they need, your options might be limited when it comes to their medical needs. So, if your child is suffering from speech impairment or growth impairment, you can visit the Child Health and Development Centre.

The clinic offers speech pathology, physiotherapy, paediatric specialists, and even physiology to help the children grow.

3. Courtney Dental

Courtney Dental

Courtney Dental is the one-stop dental clinic for your whole family. They provide various types of dental services for you and your children. For instance, at Courtney Dental Clinic, you can get filling, extraction, dentures, mouth guards, root canal, and other treatments.

Besides offering world-class services to the citizens of Townsville, they will ensure that the whole process is as pain-free as possible, and the team of experts will walk you through every step of the process to make you feel comfortable.

Furthermore, children below the age of eighteen can get treatment at the clinic for up to a thousand dollars under the Child Dental Benefit Scheme.

4. Uro-Gynaecology and Women’s Health Clinic

It is a special clinic with its priority focus being the health and wellness of women. The doctor and other staff at the clinic are not only qualified in their field, but they are also very compassionate and friendly. This clinic provides Uro-gynaecological, general gynaecological care and other such treatments.

Furthermore, the clinic can also help patients with pregnancy planning and other aspects of pregnancy.

5. Earth Awakening

It is a massage therapy clinic in Townsville which was founded by people who strongly believed in the powers of Yoga. So, other than focusing on the medical reports and your health, Earth Awakening helps you with overall wellness. You can learn to meditate in the clinic and indulge in aromatherapy, healing sessions and other yogic practices.

6. Attune Hearing Auchenflower

Attune Hearing Auchenflower

It is estimated that more than one million Australians have a hearing impairment; this could be complete hearing loss or other related issues. The clinic performs various tests to determine the hearing impairment patients have. The hearing clinic also provides noise plugs and custom hearing accessories for those who need them.

From an audiologist to a dentist in Townsville, you can find many professionals in the city.

These are the top healthcare providers available in the city.

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