2022 is likely to be a year that sees current gaming trends reaching new heights and the emergence of other concepts that havenโ€™t quite taken off yet. One existing craze that has shaken up the gaming industry is live streaming, and companies are investing more money into this than ever before. Virtual and augmented reality hasnโ€™t quite hit the big time yet, but recent releases have pushed this technology closer to the mainstream and it could be set to boom in the year ahead.

VR Could Be Boosted By GTA: San Andreas

VR has been touted as the next major platform since it first burst onto the scene in 2016, but it has thus far failed to earn widespread adoption. There are various reasons for this, with the high price of the hardware likely to be the off-putting factor for most people. As has been the case with many pieces of groundbreaking technology over the years, it has often taken one incredible title to help market it to the masses. There have been numerous games on VR so far, but none that could really be considered must-buys. Could the release of the VR version of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas change that?

According to recent reports, the hugely popular San Andreas is being transformed into an immersive VR game for the Oculus Quest 2. This device is one of the most advanced VR headsets to date, and itโ€™s owned by Meta (formerly Facebook). When Meta releases its Metaverse, it will need all its users to pick up a VR headset to be able to enjoy the service at its full potential. Releasing exclusive games like San Andreas on the hardware first will be a great way to draw more people in.

San Andreas is one of the most popular GTA titles, as evidenced by the fact that the original game sold more than 27 million copies. For its time, the title was highly advanced and offered players an absorbing experience where they felt like they had become the lead character. A VR version is likely to spark mass interest and could lead millions of people to purchase the Oculus Quest 2.

Live Gaming Has More To Offer Than Ever

Live Gaming Has More to Offer Than Ever

One area of gaming that has been trending for some time is live streaming. The concept of multiple people playing games live at the same time has been rising throughout the last decade, and interest in this way of playing has been boosted by the surge of interest in eSports.

Esports or electronic sports is now one of the most popular areas of gaming and has beaten traditional sports by its popularity lately. That said, many people have started to tune in to watch their favorite gamers play and this has led to the immense growth of the market. Another factor is the pandemic, during which more people have started to take esports seriously and have dedicated a lot of efforts to become professionals in this field. If you want to get more info about how this market is rapidly growing, consider exploring esports statistics, or having a look at the recent esports report.

Twitch was one of the early pioneers of the technology, with the site starting as a spinoff of Justin.tv in 2011. Since being bought by Amazon in 2014 for $970 million, the service has gone from strength to strength and has led the way in live gaming. The latest steps forward on the service have included the introduction of new tags to categorize streams and make them more inclusive.

Online casinos also adopted live streaming around the same time as Twitch, realizing that it was the perfect medium for players to enjoy table games from home. The platform is virtually ubiquitous in 2021, and sites can no longer get the edge on their competition by boasting that they offer the service. Instead, there has been a rise in no deposit casino offers that give players a chance to check out the live games for free first. As well as free spins, players can access playing money to use on table games. Because of this, developers of live casino offerings have progressed them further to make them as enticing and wide-ranging as possible. 2022 is likely to see an even greater rise in diverse live options.

AR Market Could Be Set To Expand

It has long been predicted that the augmented and virtual reality sectors will grow in tandem, with the combined market expected to be worth $161 billion in 2025. The headsets used for this technology will soon reach a stage of advancement that will be impossible to ignore, with companies like Microsoft making headway with it. This means that users will soon be able to play a vast number of virtual games within their own surroundings.

Some games have already shown how incredible this technology could be in the future. For example, The Walking Dead: Our World has millions of players worldwide. Currently, though, many of these people play through their smartphones. Games like this would be much more enjoyable with AR glasses.

Progression and evolution in the gaming industry are coming thick and fast, and revolutionary pieces of tech like AR and VR are likely to have more of an influence in the year ahead. Live streaming will continue its rise as well, as more developers use the platform in unique and engaging ways.

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