Many people don’t realize it, but the jewelry they wear on their hands, wrists, and necks can have a negative impact on the environment.

Mining for silver, diamond, gold, gemstones, and other metals can result in soil erosion, greenhouse gas emission, and water pollution. In fact, one study found that for every ounce of gold that is produced, 20 tons of waste is also produced.

So, if you want to protect the environment, does this mean you need to stop wearing jewelry?

The answer is no. Instead, you should focus on purchasing your jewelry items from eco-friendly jewelry companies.

What are the best eco-friendly jewelry companies out there?

Check out this guide to find out.

Here Are Top Four Eco-Friendly Jewelry Brands

Clean Origin

Clean Origin

Clean Origin was founded by a third-generation jeweler who was all too familiar with the ethical issues that dominated the diamond industry.

This is why Clean Origin made a commitment to creating lab-grown, eco-friendly diamonds only. All of their diamonds are independently certified for quality, and everyone on the Clean Origin team has at least five years of experience in the jewelry industry.

Clean Origin also offers a Lifetime Manufacturing Warranty on all of its diamonds. Plus, they offer free resizing, free shipping, and a generous 100-day return policy.

Ten Thousand Villages

brass jewelry

If you want to invest in jewelry that makes you look good and that helps make the world a better place, then Ten Thousand Villages is your answer.

This company sells beautiful brass jewelry that is handcrafted by local artisans in India. The company also partners with CFM Market Linkages. They’re a fair trade partner that works to help Indian jewelry makers earn fair wages and develop their skills.

All of their jewelry items are handmade, ethically sourced, and good for the environment.


Lab-Grown Diamonds

The jewelry company MiaDonna was founded with one goal in mind: to offer their customers ethical, beautiful, and affordable diamond alternatives that would help free children who are victims of the diamond mining industry.

MiaDonna can proudly say that they’ve achieved their goal by only creating 100 percent lab-grown diamonds that are also 100 percent conflict-free. They recycle their materials, and all of their diamonds are made ethically in the US.

Plus, they donate 10 percent of their net profits to The Greener Diamond Foundation. This foundation works to repair and rebuild the lives and land that have been damaged by the diamond mining industry. With every purchase you make with MiaDonna, a tree is planted to offset the carbon that is generated from the shipping.

This company also offers lots of customer service perks such as 30-day returns and 7-day home try one.


Gemstone Jewelry

Last but not least we have Novica.

Novica is a sustainable jewelry company that actually collaborates with National Geographic. They also partner with skilled artisans from India, Thailand, Nepal, and Indonesia with their goal being to help these artisans practice their trade independently and sustain a better livelihood.

The company’s main goal is to treat their artisans the same way they treat their planet- with respect and dignity. This company uses raw sustainable materials whenever possible as well as environmentally-friendly practices.

Are You Ready to Check Out These Brands?

As you can see, there are a lot of awesome eco-friendly jewelry brands out there. Now it’s time for you to start shopping!

And, be sure to check back in with our blog for more news on eco-friendly jewelry brands you should be aware of.

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