When it comes to hiking, there is no chance that Mexico is not on the list. With a total of 47,539 named mountains in the country, hiking in Mexico can be your dream if you are passionate about hiking. Perfect for a vacation and getting a traditional touch, Mexico is one of the top-rated countries for tourists. (Source: peakvisor.com)

Visitax Cancun has made it particularly easy for foreigners to visit this magnificent city in Mexico and explore a number of adventures it has to offer. Not only does it have a wide range of challenging mountain trails for hike lovers, but it is also incredibly renowned for its cultural heritage, clean beaches, and ancient museums. In the year 2019, Cancan was ranked as the 44th most popular city in the world for tourism purposes, which gathered 6.15 million tourists that year. (Source: worlddata.info)

Hiking In Mexico


Here are some of the top-rated mountains in Mexico if you want to give yourself a challenging time.

El Tepozteco

Located in the south of Mexico City, this mountain is situated in the very small town of Tepozteco. Rising about 1200 feet over the course of a mile, this hike can be one of the toughest because of its steep nature. Waiting on the hill for the successful hikers is a 30 feet long Aztec pyramid that is more than 900 years old. It is important to take breaks in between when you are on this hike so that you can reach till the end. Keep a few healthy snacks with you to increase the chances of this great accomplishment.

Hiking Destination

Nevado De Toluca

Named after the town of Toluca, this mountain is located in the west of Mexico City. The scenery along the hike is magnificently beautiful, and you will often find yourself simply gazing in awe at the breathtaking view this mountain has to offer. Make sure to spend a few days in Mexico before embarking on this adventure so that you are entirely accustomed to the weather. Carry a lightweight jacket with you as the temperature becomes very chilly as you reach the top.

Hiking couple

Copper Canyon

This is one of those mountains only experienced hikers should consider hiking because there is no way a beginner can accomplish such a challenging and dangerous hike. The path is exceptionally rugged and rough, making many people want to try the hike, but it should always be dealt with caution.

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