Florida Holidays are known as a family vacationers playground! It offers plenty of adventure sports and it’s the home to several amusement parks!

If you are looking for long walks by the beach, a romantic stay at the gorgeous villas by the bay, or even some alone time, Florida Holidays make the ideal destination for 2019.

Florida offers tons of activities for everyone and no one will leave the cities disheartened.

We have come up with the 15 cheapest ways to holiday in Florida, which will make you live the time of your life!

1. Holidays in Orlando

Traveling with family? Orlando offers some of the best theme parks for your kids. Take them to The Universal Studios in Orlando and they will cherish you for the rest of their life!

With more than 13 amusement and water parks, Orlando is a magical dreamland for anyone looking for a retreat.

Orlando also offers an amazing Walt Disney World experience which will leave you awestruck! Live the dream in the Walt Disney parks with your favorite Disney characters. Eat and greet all day long!

A day trip to the Kennedy Space Center is also another great way to spend the day in Orlando. You can explore space in under 50 dollars and feel like an astronaut. Woot woot!

Florida holidays mean nothing without its wine, dine, and nightlife! Free dining for children in more than 100 restaurants makeup for great cheap Florida Holidays.

2. Holidays in Miami

Take out that polka-dotted bikini and tell the world you’re in Miami! Florida holidays aren’t the cheapest in the world, but they surely are worth the few extra bucks.

Rent a cheap villa by the beach and party like there’s no tomorrow! It is without a doubt the perfect place for a getaway trip.

Renting a villa with friends is the cheapest way to holiday in Florida. Drink all day and play all night. Enjoy vacay time at the comfort of your own personal villa and instantly feel like a billionaire.

Florida villa holidays also make some great Instagrammable photos. Burn those exes with a perfect picture of a martini by the beach, or that perfectly tanned summer body. Whatever works!

Wait, and all of that under 150 dollars, for 4 people per night? No way! Shut up and take my money!

3. Holidays in the Gulf Coast

When we think about the Florida holidays, we always think of the beaches, the stunning peninsula on the west coast, and the amazing Gulf Coast villas.

Just imagine being surrounded by clear, blue water and shining gold sand for as wide as the eyes can see! Dreamlike, isn’t it? Clearwater and St Petersburg is one the finest beaches in the world.

If you are an outdoor person then you must experience playing volleyball or cycling by the beach. You can also try horse riding if you feel adventurous.

If you are a ‘beach’ person, a trip down the Gulf Coast will not disappoint you. Book your tickets and go on that vacation you deserve!

4. Holidays in the Gold Coast

Love palm beaches? – The gold coast will make your dreams come true with its intoxicating view and beautiful cities! Florida holidays mean nothing without the amazing city life and diversity.

From riches to beaches, Florida has it all! Hitting the shore is the cheapest way to holiday in Florida. There are plenty of villas and hotels that offer great deals throughout the year. Book a week or two in advance to get a cheaper deal!

The Gold Coast in Florida is a beautiful contrast between the golden sand and grassland. It makes the perfect go-to place for Florida villa holidays. It offers various places for shopping and attracts a great number of tourists due to the variety of activities it offers.

5. Holidays in the Florida Keys

If you are looking for outdoor activities, then the Florida Keys is the perfect destination for your perfect Florida Holidays! Rated as the most loved tourist attraction, you can go snorkeling or scuba diving on the tropical island of this southern part of the USA.

Oh, you can also take this opportunity to go fishing and enjoy the pleasant weather of the Florida Keys. You can spend a day with the dolphins or take your kids to the zoo (if you have any). Winters are best in the Florida Keys, with soothing weather.

Then again, prices go higher during the winter season, so if you are looking for cheap Florida Holidays, then vacay there during the summer in that cute little swimsuit or floral shorts. Perfect for your insta-feed!

6. Holidays in Tampa Bay

If you want to experience the rich culture of Florida; Tampa Bay is the place to go to! Amusement parks, thrill rides, this place is like an adventure island for thrill-seekers.

Florida holidays are meant for memorable experiences, and Tampa Bay offers just that. You can also go on boat tours or explore the city on a bike. You can try the water bikes for a more thrilling experience.

The nightlife in Ybor City is what you don’t know you need. Let the party animal in your groove to some of the sickest beats and forget about all the stress in life!

You can visit nature parks, science museums or go check out the breweries or the farmer’s market- perfect for spending a lazy day. Oh, and the Busch Garden at Tampa Bay is a must-visit! It’s not too expensive and will fit your budget.

7. Holidays in Jacksonville

It is surf-time! Jacksonville is quite popular for surfing and swimming near the barrier island beaches.

Not just that, you can go kayaking, parasailing, and try many other water sports if you want to feel the adrenaline rush! Try out mountain biking or explore the scenic byways of the city.

Florida holidays are usually not cheap but Jacksonville lets you enjoy a happy time without really hurting your wallet. You can feel the luxurious vibe at an affordable price here! Go on road trips and capture the view of the cosmopolitan life in your memories!

8. Holidays in Fort Myers

Fan of golf? – Fort Myers is home to beautiful golf courses. You can play around while your stay there and polish those golf skills.

You can also go on sightseeing tours. Fort Myers is known for its infrastructure and the beautiful city center. It has water parks, which are perfect if you are travelling with family. Take them on eco-tours, or visit the wildlife parks and the vibrant butterfly park!

You can also rent a boat and take a day-long trip, all within your budget! It also has stand-up paddle boating for those who want to try something different.

If you are a music lover, then you can try visiting the Southeast Florida Symphony. I am sure it’ll be worth the experience.

Are you traveling with your dog? – You can take him to Barkingham Dog Park. Your doggo will love you for it! There are plenty of gaming centers and cultural parks for you to explore on your Florida Holidays!

9. Holidays in Florida Panhandle

This is probably the cheapest place to holiday in Florida. It has numerous sightseeing places which will not even cost you a dime!

While you are there, you’d also want to visit the National Naval Aviation Museum! Oh not to mention, do not forget to visit the Apalachicola National Forest. It’s different than any other forest in terms of its diverse wildlife species and scenarios.

With lakes and trails, Panhandle is known to be the most popular outdoor recreation area in Florida. Spend the day in a hammock and enjoy the view of nature. Breathe in the fresh air and bathe in the warm sunny beaches.

10. Holidays in Daytona Beach

A city with ‘beach’ in its name? –Must be a beach lover’s paradise! It’s time to treat yourself to a Florida Holiday in this beautiful city.

With arcades, water parks, and fun rides, Daytona Lagoon is a go-to place for anyone who loves some outdoor activities. Play laser tag, glide down the waterslides and live your childhood again!

With numerous sun-kissed beaches, this city will make sure you leave Florida with a perfect summer tan. Enjoy the beach vibes with friends and family without having to spend a fortune! Daytona Beach is also quite popular for its summer concerts. Let loose and party hard!

Oh, let’s not forget the amazing racing tracks of Daytona! The city is widely known for Daytona 500 NASCAR race! Do visit the racing venue and play NFSW in your head.

11. Beach Holidays in Florida

Trust me, if you are on a budget crunch, beach holidays in Florida are the ultimate vacay option.

With hundreds of miles of beaches, Florida offers beautiful sunsets and a gorgeous view of the horizon. Just get yourself a cheap hotel or resort to stay in or a sweet little cottage, and head out for the beach.

Beaches have no entry fee, and hence you can spend a fine day under the sun for free. The view of the sand throughout the horizon is something that fills your soul with awe and appreciation for Mother Nature.

One thing Florida has no shortage of is the number of beaches it has to offer. Florida Holidays feel absolutely divine during the winter!

12. Holidays in Panama City

Just imagine walking down the white sand beaches and enjoying exotic drinks while vacating in Florida! –Epic, isn’t it?

You can try out Kiteboarding and Sail in the clear blue water of St. Andrews Bay. Go scuba diving and make some fish buddies.

There are plenty of seafood restaurants that serve fresh seafood and tastes absolutely delicious. Some also have live music to make your fine-dining more worthwhile.

Panama City has no shortage of eco-tours, fishing trips, or cruise rides. There are plenty of water activities and affordable housing facilities available just by the bay, making it an ideal destination for your Florida Holidays!

13. Disney Florida Holidays

It’s time to open the gates to the magical land of Disney! Virgin Holidays Florida will make your Disney Florida Holidays of 2019 the best one ever. You can live your Disney dream, that too within a budget.

Just make sure you take a comparatively cheaper hotel because let’s face it; you’ll be spending most of your daytime outside. For budget trips, you can try some hotel room hacks to help save your time, stress and money during the trip.

Share a meal with your favorite Disney character or take funny pictures together. Enjoy the wholesome feeling of reminiscing your childhood memories. Disney is anything but ordinary. So, without a doubt, I can ensure that you’ll have the time of your life on your Florida Holidays!

14. Holidays in Fort Lauderdale

Say ‘hello’ to the Venice of America! It is one of the most popular beachfront in Florida with the heaven-like view of the sky mixing with the sea. The lifestyle here is alive and kicking throughout the day!

The palm beaches and the scenic beauty of palm trees reaching up to the skies, it makes a great place for vacation! Fort Lauderdale has everything for everyone.

Want to go fishing or maybe just for a walk by the beautiful gardens? From water parks, nature centers to museums and spas, Fort Lauderdale has everything for everyone. It is a hub for indoor and outdoor activities. And if you need a reliable transfer from the local airport just book car service Fort Lauderdale.

15. Holidays in Deerfield Beach

If you are looking for an alone trip and want to enjoy some peace and quiet, then just book a cheap villa near Deerfield Beach and spend some time away from the crowd.

Experience the tranquility under the shade of the green palm trees and the clear blue water. It offers the longest cable ski course and also many other sports within your budget.

Surf and turf, ski and skate in Quiet Waters Park. If you are looking for an escape from city life and want to get away from the hustle, I suggest you make reservations right away!

What are you waiting for? With countless beaches and amusement parks, Florida will cater to your holiday requirements within your budget! Give these places a try and you will absolutely love your next trip to Florida!

Pack your bags and start planning now. Happy holidays!

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