In the United States, about 37,000 people die as a result of a car crash and other 2.35 million results injured.

With these alarming statistics, you should pay attention to car safety features next time you’re looking to buy a new vehicle.

Read on to learn which car safety features you should be on the lookout for

1. Anti Lock Brake System

If you’re thinking about buying a new car, you can’t go without an antilock brake system (ABS).

The ABS will stop the wheels from locking when you brake abruptly — allowing you to maintain steering wheel control.

More advanced vehicles have brake assist included in the ABS. Traction control and abs light on typically occur due to a faulty wheel or speed sensor. This feature senses when the vehicle will break by sensing the speed and the force at which the driver is braking.

2. Airbags

Of course, everyone knows about the importance of airbags. Ensure you know how many airbags the car you’re looking at buying has.

It has been proven that airbags protect against severe injuries when used in combination with seatbelts.

Airbags come with sensors that activate within milliseconds in the event of a crash.

Typically, front airbags prevent passengers from hitting the steering wheel, dashboard, or even the windshield on most vehicles if they are not a junk car. Side airbags protect passengers from injuring themselves on the door or windows.

3. Head Injury Protection

It’s important when you look at a new car you pay attention to the head injury protection features.

Some head injury car safety features include foam material under the trim of the vehicle interior. This material is not visible to passengers, but you can ask the details if you’re curious.

Other head injury protection features include head airbags which go off during a side impact.

4. Electronic Stability Control

The purpose of this feature is to help drivers to maintain control of the vehicle when they’re forced to perform abrupt maneuvers.

When the vehicle starts to oversteer or understeer, the electronic stability control senses it and applies the brakes on a single wheel. The intention of electronic stability control is to keep vehicles on the road and avoid them hitting objects that could lead to rollovers.

Keep in mind this feature won’t work when the speed of a vehicle is excessive.

5. Traction Control

Traction control is a feature that helps limit how much the wheels of a vehicle spin during acceleration.

Thanks to this feature the vehicle’s stability can be improved and the driver can have more control of the steering wheel.

Traction control has been helpful in reducing accidents because it modifies the engine’s power and even applies the brakes to the necessary wheels during acceleration.

6. Front Wheel Drive

You might have heard of four-wheel drive. But have you heard of front wheel drive?

Front wheel drive means the vehicle has the transmission in the front instead of the rear wheels. Because of this feature, front wheel drive cars tend to be easier to drive.

Traction increases when the driver wants to break or accelerate. Front wheel drive cars come especially helpful when you’re driving in icy or snowy conditions.

7. Rear Defrost

Rear defrost is one of those car safety features many might take for granted.

The defrost system allows you to get rid of the condensation on your back window and improving your visibility. It’s imperative you’re able to see out of all windows to prevent accidents.

The rear defrost works by using small electronic heating strips. These strips will also remove ice and snow from the back window.

If you want other ways to protect your vehicle from the elements, check out Speed Liner products.

8. Backup Camera

Although backup cameras might seem like a luxury feature, they’re an essential safety feature to look for when you want to purchase a new vehicle.

In the United States, each week about 50 children under 15 get injured or killed due to back-over accidents.

Because backup cameras show you a live view of what is behind your car, this helps prevent injuries to third parties and collisions.

9. Blind-spot Monitoring

Everyone has heard of the dangers of blind spots when driving a vehicle. New car safety features offer blind-spot monitoring.

This feature works by alerting you when an object is near your blind spot — you will hear an alert.

In some more advanced vehicles, you will see live footage of the object or vehicle approaching your blind spot.

Large vehicles such as trucks and SUVs benefit from blind-spot monitoring features the most.

10. Forward Collision Prevention

This safety feature can help prevent many collisions. It works by detecting a potential crash against a vehicle or an object, and slow down or stop the vehicle to prevent it.

Most vehicles with forward collision features, work better at lower speeds but some can work at highway high-speeds.

11. Lane Switch Warning

How many times do you see drivers almost colliding with another vehicle when switching lanes because they didn’t use a turn signal?

New safety features are working to prevent this from happening.

Lane monitoring alerts the driver when they’re drifting into another lane without the use of a turn signal. And the more advanced and sophisticated vehicles intervene using corrective steering or braking.

This feature works best on highways and might be difficult to use on suburban roads.

12. Adaptive Cruise Control

Standard cruise control allows you to set the speed you wish and save on fuel, but new adaptive cruise control is evolving.

Adaptive cruise control uses a radar technology to detect traffic patterns and speed on its surroundings. It speeds up and slows down the car automatically depending on what is going on around you.

Look Out for These Car Safety Features

When you’re looking to purchase a new car, it’s important you learn about the latest safety features. Staying updated on safety can help prevent an accident and save your life.

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