Are you planning on traveling before 2018 ends?  Do you like beaches, hiking, safari’s, boat or city excursions?  Are looking to dance the Tango in Argentina, sip wine in Italy, or eat steak on the beaches of Brazil?  Whether you like to travel on your own or partake in private tours here is a list for you.  

Spice Island, Grenada

Located on the Caribbean Ocean, Spice Island is one of the best-kept destination secrets of 2018.  You can get here easily from New York City and you’ll find a lively culture upon arrival.  

Solta, Croatia

Do you like islands?  Then Croatia is the place for you.  With over 1,200 islands, you will surely find an island that suits your needs.  Solta is a small stone island that is starting to boom. Although you’ll still have peace and quiet when you want it.  

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires stands for the city of “fair airs”.  The food here is amazing. The art and music will bring your trip to life, and don’t forget the wine.  Yes, the amazing Argentine wine is inexpensive and delicious.  Need I say more?


You may be thinking why Egypt?  Since Egypt has been littered with political infighting for the last 10 years, no one wants to go there right?  Well. it’s a beautiful place and there is a new tourist attraction going up.  The Grand Egyptian Museum will showcase never before seen treasures of the pharaohs in it’s 650,000 square foot home.  


Do you like the opera?  Sydney has one of the most famous opera houses in the world, and it just finished its seven-month renovation.  Sydney is also a hub for tourism and beauty when the opera is over.

Iguazu Falls, Brazil/Argentina

This site has also been renovated to help accommodate the high number of annual visitors it receives.  You take a 25-minute eco train ride to Devil’s Throat Cascade. I suggest staying at the Awasi Iguazu Resort.

New Orleans

Whether you love jazz, food, or just love to party; New Orleans is the destination for you.  In 2018 New Orleans is celebrating its 300th birthday, and you can bet they will bring the parties, food, and music up to a whole other level.  Don’t miss it.

Salina Island, Italy

At Salina Island, you will be encompassed in pristine beauty and old-world culture.  You will also have at your fingertips some of the freshest seafood you can find in the world.  Not to mention amazing pasta to compliment it. This island is a gem. Oh and check out the Malvasia vineyards and wine here too.

The list above offers you a diverse mix of food, music, art, culture, and scenery.  If you are lucky enough to get to one of these destinations you will have the time of your life.  So, make the most of it and make some memories you will cherish forever.

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