Dating back millennia, essential oils have, and still are, used by healers and many other medical professions for their healing qualities. 

Essential oils are also used to combat the effects of stress, anxiety, and tension, which is a huge part of the society we live in today. 

If you’re not one for pharmaceuticals and want to tackle an ailment or illness the most natural way possible, then healing essential oils are for you.  

Essential Oils and How to Use Them 

Essential oils are derived from nature– there’s nothing pharmaceutical about them. These oils are extracted naturally from various healing plants found ubiquitously throughout nature. They are organic and contain little to no additives. 

You may have heard of popular crowd pleasers such as lavender oil, tea tree oil, and eucalyptus before. But this is just scraping the surface of the amount of beneficial healing oils on the market today. 

How to Use Essential Oils 

If you’re looking to cure an ailment such as a cold or flu, there are two recommended ways of using essential oils

The first is through inhalation. You rub a couple of essential oil drops onto your hands, cup them over your nose and inhale deeply 3-4 times. You can also use a vaporizer to achieve a similar effect. 

Secondly, you can diffuse essential oils into the air around you. You’ll need to get your hands on an essential oil diffuser and a set of essential oils. 

Fill your diffuser with clean, purified water, add 1-2 drops of your chosen essential oil, turn it on and let it works its magic! 

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7 Healing Essential Oils For Colds and Flu 

If you’re feeling congested, struggling with a headache or run down due to cold or flu symptoms, these essentials oils should help: 

1. Chamomile Oil

Struggling to sleep because of a stuffy nose or headache? Perhaps you have anxiety about taking time off work because you’re ill? Chamomile oil can work wonder on helping you relax. 

Chamomile oil is a potent stress reliever and also helps to works against inflammation in the body while you’re ill. It’s a great mood booster and can help you out of a bad headspace. 

Use chamomile oil in a diffuser or vaporizer for best effects. 

2. Frankincense Oil

The same goes for frankincense oil- it has a calming effect on both the mind and body. If you’re feeling tense or have body aches and pains while you’re ill, frankincense can help you unwind.

It’s also great at reducing stress levels, increases your mental awareness and has antiseptic qualities if you’re struggling with a throat infection. 

Use frankincense in a vaporizer or apply to the neck and temples for maximum effect. 

3. Tea Tree Oil

Native to Australia, tea tree is one of the most widely used naturally-derived products today. Used for an array of ailments, tea tree oil is used mostly as an antiseptic ointment, but is also a germ-fighting powerhouse. 

Along with antiseptic qualities, tea tree oil also has antiviral properties which work to alleviate chest congestion and chronic cough. It’s best used in a diffuser or can also be applied directly to the temples, neck or chest for relief. 

Tea tree oil is also great for treating acne-prone and blemished skin due to its antimicrobial qualities. 

4. Eucalyptus Oil

Eucalyptus oil is one of the most versatile and effective essential oils when you’re run down with a cold or flu. It’s most commonly used a natural throat lozenge but is also great at clearing up nasal and chest congestion. 

Eucalyptus oil carries potent antibacterial properties, making it great for your immune system too. Keep in mind that this essential oil should always be diluted before directly applying to the skin, as it can cause irritation. It should never be directly swallowed or consumed, either.

It’s best used in a vaporizer or diffuser.  

5. Lavender Oil

Lavender oil has to be one of the world’s most commonly used and widely produced essential oils. And for good reason. 

Not only does it have a wonderful scent, but it’s very calming and carries strong antiseptic qualities. If you’re struggling to relax and fall asleep, a couple drops on your pillow will send you off into la-la land. Otherwise, a few drops in your bath before bed should work wonders.

It’s also well-known to alleviate allergies, nasal congestion, and sinus issues. Forget about Advil Sinus and turn to lavender oil as a natural remedy.  

6. Peppermint Oil

If you’re looking for a mental boost in order to get through your day, even if you’re feeling a little under-the-weather, peppermint oil is the trick.

Peppermint oil is known to stimulate the senses and increase alertness. It will help you to feel refreshed and ready to tackle the day. If you’re suffering from congestion headaches, peppermint oil offers great relief, too.

Not only this, but peppermint oil is a great digestive and can help to alleviate heartburn, stomach issues and even cases of diarrhea. 

7. Lemon Oil 

Lemon essential oil is an incredibly versatile natural product. There’s a reason why most over-the-counter cold and flu medications contain lemon! 

This essential oil helps to restore respiratory function like no other while helping to reduce the symptoms of cold and flu. It’s also great at alleviating dry or phlegmy chest coughs. 

It has both antibacterial and antiviral properties, helping to boost the immune system and ward off germs. If you feel a cold coming on, get your hands on lemon oil and use it a diffuser or vaporizer!

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