Storage unit finds have become a lucrative business over the years.  Many people have become rich after purchasing public storage units for relatively small amounts of money.  They have found lost treasures so to speak, and some even literally.  

Attending a storage unit auction can change your life.  If you choose the right space you can become an instant millionaire and here is a list of the top storage unit finds as of 2018.

Michael Jordan Memorabilia

One lucky man in North Carolina bought a storage unit loaded with letters to and from Michael Jordan such as recruitment correspondence from colleges and Nike apparel.  The letters were valued at about $50,000 alone.

Madonna’s Journals

One lucky person bought a unit that contained several personal journals of Madonna as well as other paraphernalia covering the singer’s illustrious career over the years.  Madonna’s team tried to get the sale of these items stopped, which they did, but ultimately the person who bought the storage unit did end up pawning them off.

$120,000 Car

A man who was in charge of clearing a storage unit happened upon a 1966 Ford Mustang Shelby 350 that had been sitting in the unit since 1976.  The Mustang Shelby was appraised at $120,000 and sold at an auction for $159,000 with only 55,000 miles on it.

Michael Jackson Songs

One man purchased a storage unit and found that it contained about 250 original and unreleased songs by the King of Pop.  There were also hundreds of photos of the pop star that proved to be very lucrative as well.

Old Hollywood Memorabilia

When some movie execs forget or failed to pay the rent on their storage unit it was auctioned off and the new owner found 40,000 pieces of movie and animation art, T.V. memorabilia, scripts, costumes, and props worth over a million dollars.

A Human Leg?

A South Carolina man purchased a storage unit and was pleased to find an old-time barbecue smoker which he figured was worth a lot of money.  However, when he opened the smoker he found a human leg. The leg belonged to a man who lost it in a plane crash he was in with his father. His father died in the crash and the man with the missing leg had kept his severed leg as a remembrance of the incident.  Eventually, after a court hearing, the man who bought the storage unit had to return the leg to its rightful owner.

Bond James Bond

Two brothers purchased a storage unit and found a car from the James Bond film The Spy Who Loved Me.  They bought the unit for $100 and sold the car at an auction to Elon Musk for just under $1,000,000. Are you ready to purchase a storage unit yet?  

There are some crazy stories out there of storage unit finds although not all have a happy ending,  Proceed with caution and have fun while you’re at it.

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