There is no shortage of marijuana ingestion methods at your disposal. However, one of the most common ways to coolest pipes in ingest marijuana is by smoking it out of a glass pipe. 

Glass pipes produce a smooth, clean hit, one which offers a neutral but pleasant taste. Not to mention, they’re safer to utilize than rolling papers in coolest pipes. 

On the hunt for a high-quality glass pipe? You needn’t look much further. Below, we’re going to review the 7 coolest glass pipes for the coolest smoking pipes enthusiast! 

What is Coolest Pipes 

Smoking culture is becoming more and more mainstream. As such, coolest pipes manufacturers are becoming more unique and innovative in their approaches. This will be thoroughly demonstrated in the coolest smoking pipes reviewed below: the 7 best glass pipes on the market today. 

Chameleon Glass Cheshire Cat Pipe 

This Cheshire cat pipe from Chameleon Glass is arguably the coolest spoon pipe on the market today. If you’re into Alice in Wonderland or just trippy characters in general, it would be a great pipe to have in your arsenal. 

Coolest Glass Pipes

Available for a mid-level price, it’s simple but effective. Measuring in at 4 1/4 inches long and 2 1/4 inches wide, it’s compact and easy to store away regardless of where you’re taking it. 

We should also mention that it glows in the dark, meaning that it’s not only easy to find, but that it provides a nice visual effect as well. Durable and well-constructed, it should get you through quite a few years of use. 

Marley Natural Glass Bubbler 

If you’ve got some money to spend, you might like this glass bubble from Marley Natural. While it’s most certainly on the expensive side, it offers a lot of value for its cost. Not to mention, it’s one of the best-looking glass pipes you’re going to find. 

In Addition to Possessing

A classy wood and glass aesthetic, it also produces a near impeccable hit. A hybrid, it works as both a dry and water pipe. Coming with a top-notch percolator, it does a terrific job or providing filtration. 

The dimensions of this bubbler are 5 3/4 inches high, 5 3/4 inches long, and 1 3/4 inches wide. So, it can either be displayed proudly on your mantelpiece or carried with the coolest pipes you in your purse or bookbag. 

Grav Helix Multi-Purpose Pipe Set 

Next up, we’re going to review the Grav Helix Multi-Purpose Pipe Set. This pipe possesses a total length of 8 inches, and so is better used at home rather than on the go. While you could conceivably carry it around with you, it might be too bulky to do so. 

Coolest Smoking Pipes

Like the Marley Natural pipe reviewed above, it’s on the expensive side. However, considering the fact that it comes with three head attachments (spoon, bubbler, and vaporizer), it’s well worth its price. 

Unlike many pipes reviewed in this article, this one can handle both flower and extract. This makes it arguably the most versatile glass pipe on the market today. 

Chameleon Glass Firely Pipe  

One of the best spoon pipes on the market today, the Chameleon Glass Firely Pipe is available for a reasonable price and offers fantastic functionality. A glow in the dark pipe, it is always easy to find and is always cool to look at. 

Availability of Glass Firely Pipe

This pipe is available in a wide variety of colors, including green, blue, and purple, to name just a few. Constructed without 100% non-toxic materials, it’s entirely safe to smoke out of. 

Measuring in at 4 1/4 inches long and 2 1/4 inches wide, it’s compact and easy to store away. For this reason, it works terrifically as an on-the-go smoking device. If you’re looking for something that’s simply designed but which gets the job done right, the Firely will serve you well. 

Empire Glassworks Bomb Pipe 

Next up is the Empire Glassworks Bomb Pipe. Designed to look like one of the bombs from the Mario video games, it’s a great option for those who are into gaming. 

The Glass Pipes for Smoking

One of the best smoking bowls on the market today, it possesses plenty of depth, allowing you to pack in a great deal of product at once. Constructed out of high-quality coolest smoking pipes, it’s not only highly durable but easy to heat as well. As such, it produces an incredibly smooth and consistent hit. 

Price-wise, this pipe is toward the low end. It’s comparable to the two Chameleon Glass pipes reviewed above. Measuring in at 4 1/4 inches long and approximately 1 1/4 inches wide, it’s compact and easy to carry at all times. 

Empire Glassworks Avocado Pipe 

Another top-notch glass pipe from Empire Glassworks is the Avocado Pipe. Aptly named, it is designed to look like an avocado. 

A Sherlock Glass Pipe

Functionally speaking, this pipe is right on par with the Bomb Pipe reviewed above. It possesses a deep bowl and is capable of holding a substantial amount of product at once. Made out of high-quality glass, it produces as clean and as smooth a hit as you could ever hope for. 

It’s important to note, however, that this pipe is around twice the price of the Bomb Pipe. This is due primarily to its intricate design. However, if it appeals to you and you’ve got the budget, there’s no reason not to pay the extra money. 

Grav Upline Hammer Bubbler  

The last pipe we’re going to discuss is the Upline Hammer Bubbler from Grav. Impeccably designed, it percolates smoke on a number of different levels, making it incredibly smooth and refreshing. 

Best Glass Pipes

This bubbler pipe is available for a mid-level price but performs like a high-end model. Measuring in at 5 inches in height, it’s reasonably compact and can be taken just about anywhere with ease. 

If you’re looking for a pipe which not only looks great but which performs exceptionally as well, this is the one for you. 

On the Search for More Smoking Accessories? 

The pipes reviewed above are some of the coolest glass pipes currently on the market. However, they’re only a handful of the many smoking pipes available to you. 

On the search for more smoking accessories? If so, Florida Independent might be able to help you. After all, our site is loaded with smoking-related tips, tricks, and reviews. 

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