No strings dating has been around for a good while but for the longest time people did not want to talk about it, and NSA dating sites are getting more and more popular. They viewed it as non-traditional and as such, didn’t believe it should be talked about. The world is more open than it ever has been before. Because people didn’t really talk about it, many don’t know how to get the most out of an NSA relationship.

We are going to help give you some NSA dating tips that will help you to find success.

1. Don’t Confuse Your Relationship With A Traditional One

One of the most important things to remember in a no-strings-attached relationship is that you are not in a “real” relationship. You don’t go out on dates and you don’t buy each other gifts. Developing pet names and other such activities is discouraged.

The more you do these types of activities, the more strings that develop.

2. Don’t Spend Too Much Time Talking

You can talk and share things like video games that everyone knows about but you want to avoid talking with your NSA partner too much. A lot of talking makes it feel like you are in a more traditional relationship and can blur the lines.

The only time that you should text or call each other is to plan to have a sexual encounter. This helps to prevent either side from feeling as if you are living in a more traditional relationship.

One major exception to this is time spent talking about sex and sexual topics. Part of your relationship, especially with no strings, is being able to discuss all of the things that excite you.

3. Discuss Your Preferences Beforehand

Before you start your NSA relationship, go ahead and discuss what you like. Being upfront and letting each other know what you like will help you to have the most enjoyable sex possible. How are you supposed to pleasure someone if you don’t know what they like?

Being honest is important. If you aren’t honest, then you can’t get what you want.

Your discussion should also cover what is allowed and what isn’t allowed in the relationship. For example, some NSA relationships are known by friends and family while others aren’t. What will happen if you start falling for each other is another important topic to address.

4. Find The Right Person

In order to have the best no strings attached relationship, you need to find the right partner. For everyone, the right partner will be different. However, you need to have some form of attraction to them in order for the sex to be really meaningful.

Don’t pick an ex for an NSA relationship. A lot of people who end up sleeping with their ex end up having confused feelings due to the fact that they previously were in a serious relationship. This makes it hard to have a truly no strings attached relationship.

5. See Other People

NSA relationships are partially so popular because they don’t come with the same limitations. As long as both parties agree on it, you are free to see whoever you want. Seeing other people can actually help keep your NSA healthy.

Having the same sex all the time can quickly get boring but when you add other people into the mix, you help to break that feeling.

6. Try New Things

Remember how we mentioned that sleeping with the same person can get boring? Well, that is partly because it is the same-sex every time. Even if you are seeing other people at the same time, trying new things is an important part of maintaining a healthy NSA relationship.

Another reason to try new things is that you don’t have any major commitment to the person you are with. They won’t judge you and you don’t need to worry about them judging you. Why not try new things? Explore kinks and fetishes. Live out some of your fantasies.

Do you think you are ready for an NSA relationship? Many of us crave this kind of relationship but just don’t know where to start. If you want more information on NSA relationships makes sure to read our other blog posts. We cover all topics related to no strings attached partners.

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