Are you looking to decorate your storefront to boost visibility and draw in new customers?

Making design decisions is an important job you’ll undertake for your store, so it’s crucial to think about your creative ideas. The way your shopfront is decorated sends a clear message to customers about the type of products they’ll discover and what they can expect from their shopping experience, so you’ll want to get the look right.

Need some inspiration? Don’t worry, we’re here to help.

Here are five cool and interesting store display ideas to have customers racing in

1. Decide on a Theme

The merchandise you sell should influence the choice of the theme of your shop display, so plan accordingly. For example, a small boutique selling high-end garments may be modeled off a display that customers would spot in a fashion-forward city like Paris, London, or Milan.

On the other hand, a retailer focusing on selling camping goods could recreate an earthy outdoorsy scene with murals of nature and artistic features made from wood or rock.

2. Expand Space With Glass and Mirrors

One of our favorite creative retail display ideas is to use glass and mirrors to give the illusion of more space.

Glass shelving and display cases often take up less space than metal options because light shines through them, and customers can also see through them. Plus, glass can make a small shop appear larger than it really is.

Mirrors also help expand space similarly by reflecting light. They offer extra security too as they help you track what’s going on in hard-to-see spots in the store.

3. Decorate with Plants

A super easy retail display idea is to include lots of plants into your design. Not only do lots of leafy green plants breathe life and interest into your visual merchandising, but they also facilitate a healthier and more attractive shopping experience for customers.

Plus, it’s pretty inexpensive too.

4. Use Open Bookcases as Display Shelves

Another affordable display idea is to use open bookcases as display shelves. It’s easy to grab hold of open bookcases for cheap, and they can be arranged either vertically or horizontally depending on your tastes and what works well visually.

They can easily divide a space in the shop without making it look closed off.

5. Create Light to Affect Mood

Create a pleasant and relaxing shopping experience for customers by understanding how light affects mood. Warm and ultra-warm lighting provides an easy-going vibe which could be ideal for a small clothing boutique.

Bright lights, on the other hand, can better highlight a selection of products, making it simple for browsers to read labels and have a good look at the item.

For a range of lighting that works well for a variety of different types of retail stores, check out this display case lighting.

Store Display Ideas to Impress

With retail shops being more competitive than ever, your store display ideas must be creative and exciting to stand out from the crowds.

Keep experimenting and researching fabulous ideas so you can stop shoppers in their tracks and welcome them into your store.

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