Did you know that what you eat is even more important than exercise? Counting calories isn’t necessarily the answer, but a nutrition class might be.

These types of courses offer tons of benefits beyond learning the science of food. If you’re looking to amp up your fitness routine, or just starting out on the journey to wellness- read on to find out the ways a few visits to the classroom could boost your success.

Expert Guidance and Instruction

Sure it’s easy to do research on the internet, but how can you guarantee any of that information? Why wade through the fads and the salespeople to find reliable information?

Quality courses are taught by professionals who really understand the ins and outs of their subject. You’ll have an opportunity to ask questions and get real answers. Beat Strong Fitness & Nutrition, for example, offers a Q&A session at the end of every class.

Classes offer specialized information from educated coaches that pertains to you and your lifestyle. We live to help you succeed.

Better Food in Your Home

Bored with your weekly dinner choices? Is your family sick of being “tricked” into eating healthy? Time to liven up your meal rotation with a nutrition class.

Fresh ideas for muscle building meal plan, learning about new foods, and fantastic new recipes are all big benefits. Trying to figure out how to cut back sugars, introduce more superfoods, or feed picky kids healthy choices? Try a class!

You can also find resources about green and sustainable food in your area. If you don’t know about the co-ops or organic farmers near you, this is the perfect place to ask.

Short Nutrition Class, Long-term Solution

Courses don’t need to take up a lot of your time for you to reap benefits. Many of them are only half an hour!

Studies show that those who participate in nutrition education make better food choices over time. Armed with the knowledge of how to make food work for you, you’ll have better chances at dietary success.

We’ll hand you tools to make better decisions at your favorite restaurant or even your next shopping trip. The pitfalls of poor dietary choices will become easier to identify and avoid.

Fad diets focus on immediate and unreasonable weight loss, and they don’t have any long lasting benefits. Nutrition knowledge gives you building blocks for a healthy life. Long-term responsible food choices help fend off obesity, diabetes, and many other serious health problems.

Community Connections

Classes offer are a great place to meet like-minded people. You’ll have the opportunity to share recipes and resources. Networking with other health-conscious individuals can help you set your own health goals.

What if your new best friend or workout buddy is just waiting for you to meet them? You might find your support network in this engaging and group-oriented environment. Having access to a coach and your classmates for encouragement and connection is an invaluable benefit.


Checking in with a nutrition coach can help keep you accountable. We’ll be there to help field questions and concerns, and work through your struggles.

Coaches come armed with solutions to real issues you have. A nutrition class can help you set concrete goals that become a routine for life. With guidance, you can learn from your mistakes (and your classmates!) and have a forum to practice better behaviors.

Nutrition IS Health

Whether you want to learn about GMOs or how to effectively meal prep, nutrition classes can provide you with the knowledge and support network you need for a healthy life.

In Texas? Get started with us in a free class and see what it can do for you!

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