Getting dressed in a bra is an art! Yes, it is. If it is done right with all the accessorizing, complimenting and using your wardrobe right – you can surely get those heads turn. There’s no dearth of hairstyles, makeup ideas, and fashion ideas out there.  You just need an eye for trend and matching right things, sophisticated style and know-how of wearable stuff.

And it’s the season of fall, so the cozy fashion will work beautifully with the scarves, shawls, mufflers and warm boots. Not to forget a mention to season’s loveliest lingerie that you’ll be wearing underneath or as even as a top. So let’s give you some gorgeous new beauty trends that gel splendidly well with your bras.

Add The Sparkle Of Freshly-Washed Hair

This season, ditch the all the hot tools meant for your hair. Don the simpler look that’s more eye-pleasing, season-specific yet extremely gratifying for your overall look. You just want to get the textures out that aren’t overly styled or loaded with hair product, but rather bring out the plain beauty of just-cleaned, air-dried hair.

Mixing and Matching The Trending Bras

You can evoke that carefree, casual vibe by matching your overall look with an easygoing bralette or all kinds of styles coming in soft bras. Yes, wearing your favorite bra over a great layering piece you like is a trend in vogue these. If you are a little busty, and conscious about it cover the bra with complimenting the dress.

But if you feel liberated and carry your body well you can leave the soft bras as it is a little peek of lace. To ace, this super comfy look, drop the wired bras from your list. In fact, the American Music Awards 2016 saw a lot of celebrities donning this look. They wore bras on the Red Carpet complimenting them with other accessories. Here are 6 celebrities who aced this look.


  • Nina Dobrev wore a Zuhair Murad suit with a beautiful lacy corset.
  • Rebecca Romijn complimented the navy bra underneath with a lace top and Noudar jewelry.
  • Ariana Grande went with a vintage lacy bralette decked with  white tuxedo pants.
  • Gigi Gorgeous’ white bra went cozy with a sparkly drop-neck dress.
  • Bella Thorne complimented the Josie Natori trousers with a matching black bra underneath a fitted black blazer.
  • Taraji P. Henson wore an oversize white shirt over a peaky lace bra underneath.



The Very Berry Lips

There were times when nude shades and light lip color were all in rage. But this is the season of dark lip color which is making an official comeback. Your color palate just got a makeover with umpteen shades this fall.

Get amazed to fill your lips with saturated plum and berry tones that are enjoying their moments this time. To get that extra lasting, matte lip finish choose lip stains in trendy hues. But, even if it starts to wear off a bit, there’s always a breather so don’t stress. You can cover up the wearing with the sexy millennial look that speaks of you being kissed, and your lipstick looks a little messed up. This effect, we tell you are all in rage.

The Season’s Matching Bras In Trend

Perhaps you might not consider bras to be fashion. You might think it to be an inside story that isn’t up for a show. But accept it as true – bras are a fashion in themselves.  They have their own shades, styles and accessories that could make or break a look.

They have the power to make you a diva, a star, and head turner. And when it comes to lingerie – the rich fall shades are on-trend. How about perfecting a sexy-chic boudoir moment? For this pair a drop-dead gorgeous embroidered mesh underwire bra with a matching lip color.  

Majorly Metallic Eyes And the Glam Metallic Bra

This season motto for metallic is – the more intense, the better. And that’s the style you’ll love to wear. Drop those sheer washes of shimmer. Go for the deeply pigmented shadows and luster filled liners in colors that offbeat and unexpected. Think beyond the usual gold and silver and use the shades in black, green and navy – they look so amazingly awesome.

For those glimmered eyes you need an equally offbeat lustrous bra. It’s about dressing up in skin and sparkle and the metallic shades come out to be the perfect color for your skin. As your summer tan begins to fade strap that completely flirty, feminine, Old Hollywood look.

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