Have you ever thought of using portable storage containers when you move?  Maybe the last time you moved it was a disaster?  You might have even spent days packing or hired a gong show of a moving company or crew.  Perhaps next time you should try using portable storage containers to make your life and upcoming journey easier.  Read further to find out why, but first, let’s talk about what a portable storage container actually is.

Portable storage containers otherwise referred to as mobile moving containers or simply moving containers are steel or wood framed boxes which come in a variety of sizes.  The steel framed boxes are already weatherproof while you can get weatherproof covering if you choose the wooden boxes.

The sizes of the portable storage containers vary and can accommodate just about any size move.  If you have a big home of say 3 to 4 bedrooms you can find a container large enough to suffice.  On the other hand, if you have a studio or small one bedroom apartment you can find a container to suit your needs also.  


If you compare using portable storage containers for your move to hiring a moving company the savings you’ll get are typically pretty big.  We all know moving is stressful enough whether you are going across town or cross country. You can have the portable storage company come and pack your things for you however if you choose to do this with your family or friends you can really save some bucks.  


What is more convenient; having food delivered or cooking your own meal?  That’s a great analogy for using portable storage containers for your move.  When you cook your own food there is the preparation energy and time, plus you may spend the entire day deciding what you want and then realize you have to stop at the grocery store for an ingredient or two.  However, when you get the food delivered you don’t have to do much at all. You just pick up the phone and possibly read out your credit card info, hand the driver a tip and you’re done. Dinner is served.


Think of the last time you moved or helped someone else move.  How many trips did you make back and forth? Even if you got most of it done in one big trip, odds are you had to make at least one or two more trips back to the old place.  Whether you forgot something or simply couldn’t fit it all. I’m sure at least one extra trip was necessary. If you use portable storage containers you don’t have to worry about that.  The containers get dropped off in front of your home. You pack them. Then, they get picked up and dropped in front of the door of your new home and you are ready to load in. Straight and simple.  Who doesn’t like that?

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