Do you enjoy playing games with your Android device?  Maybe you unwind after a mind-numbing day at the office by playing games on your Android phone?  Perhaps you just switched from Apple to Android and are looking to get into the gaming world with your phone?  Either way, you’ll love these awesome new Android games that are going to blow your mind with their creativity, complexity, and realism.

Tom Clancy’s Shadowbreak

Are you into reading Tom Clancy novels?  Then this game is for you. This sniper PVP (Player VS Player) allows you to create a team and hunt down your opponents with vigor.  The controls of this game are very smooth and you’ll have a blast playing it.

Fieldrunners Attack

Fieldrunners Attack is a great strategy game.  In this game, you loot materials from your enemies and build your own base.  This game is thought of as the complete package with amazing graphics and a fun concept with uncomplicated control features.

Rules of Honor: CS Survival

Straightforward controls and excellent graphics accompany this first-person shooter game.  You can play this game in Easy Mode or Hell Mode.

Endless Battleground

This game has high-end graphics and is a lot of fun.  Total global domination is the goal here. All you do is attempt to establish an invincible empire and you will be victorious.  Endless Battleground is simple to learn and tons of fun to play.

Finger Driver

Finger Driver is a Ketchapp game that can be quite addictive.  Did I mention it’s fun too?  The key here is to try and keep your car on the track.  It may sound simple but it’s not.

Balls Blast

This game is exactly what it says it is, a blast.  Use your spaceship to shoot balls that are all different colors.  Just make sure you shoot them before they hit the ground. That’s the goal.

Captain Tom Galactic Traveler

This game has great music and old-school graphics.  The simple and straightforward game allows you to travel to different planets when you complete each level.  

Plumber Crack

Plumber Crack is an Android game which is where you shoot ice cubes into the crack of a plumber who is bending over in front of you.  Good times.

Hungry Shark Attack

This mobile game is pretty self-explanatory.  You are a shark and you swim through the water eating up as many fish as you can.

Robot Unicorn

Soar through the air collecting gems for points in this very colorful single player game.

Tofu Hunter

This one is for you Vegetarians and Vegans out there.  The name of this game is to eat up all the tofu you can.  Just don’t accidentally eat a cheeseburger and you’ll be fine.

These are some fun and crazy games that should blow your mind.

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