Spring has officially sprung and there’s little that makes you feel more ready to embrace a new season than new decor. That’s why freshening your home’s aesthetic with spring decor is the best way to liven your space this season.

If your spring decor is feeling a little stale, or you’re struggling to come up with new decorating ideas.

Here’s a list of 10 must-try spring decor ideas for 2020

1. Floral Wallpaper

Floral wallpaper has made a major comeback and it’s easier than ever to install. You can find easy, stick-on paper that brings interest and color to any room.

Not sure you’re ready to commit to an entire room covered in floral wallpaper? Choose one wall to cover as an accent.

2. Pastel Throw Pillows

This is an easy and fast spring decor update. Not only that, but it’s easy to change for every season.

Find some robin’s egg blue, baby-chick yellow, or soft coral throw pillows and toss them on your couch or chairs. Voila! Instant spring update.

3. Bold Centerpieces

Add an extreme splash of energy and color with a bold dining room centerpiece.

Floral, artsy, geometric, whatever. This is another simple way to change your home decor quickly.

4. Glass or Open Shelves

Do you have a set of bright dishes or great pastel mugs? Show them off by installing glass-door cabinets in your kitchen.

Don’t have the budget for that? Simply remove the cabinet doors for the open-shelve look so your bright dishware can add some color pops to your kitchen.

5. Yellow Accessories

When most people think of spring, they think of yellow. Add some home accessories that are bright yellow. Curtains, rugs, plates, anything.

6. Functional Kitchen Centerpieces

If you’re into the farmhouse look, this is an especially appealing decor idea. Place your kitchen essentials like spatulas, salt, and pepper, or dishrags on a wood cutting board or tiered cake-pan.

This functional kitchen centerpiece is both homey-looking and useful.

7. Organize the Bathroom

Spring decor is useless without the age-old “spring cleaning” to freshen a space. The bathroom is an especially great place to reorganize in spring.

If necessary, find a good plumbing contractor to make repairs.

8. Live Plants

This spring decor addition should honestly go without saying. When spring comes around, you always need to have live plants in the house.

Be they daffodils or fiddle plants, grab something fresh, living and green and stick it on a shelf.

9. Two-Tone Cabinets

If you’ve always liked the look of bright, colorful kitchen cabinets, but are afraid they’d overwhelm your kitchen aesthetic? Do halvsies.

Try painting just the bottom shelves a bright, spring color. Good choices are sky blue, grassy-green, or even a nice lemon-yellow looks great in a kitchen.

10. Apply Custom Lacquer

Create a sleek new look by applying a custom lacquer. Pale blue, mint or even pale yellow give a springy feel to any room.

More Spring Decor Ideas

Now that you’re set with lively spring decor ideas, don’t forget to liven up your spring wardrobe.

Check out the Fashion portion of our blog for the latest in 2020 fashion trends.

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