There are many hot swimsuit brands in the year 2018, both new brands and long-term staples in the industry.  Here is a list of the 10 hottest pieces in designer swimwear for you to take a look at.

10. Jade Swim

Try the Jade Swim Wrapped One-Piece.  This hot suit is a favorite of fashion insiders that gives of the Bond Girl vibe.  This suit will cost you about $245.

9. Karla Coletto

The Karla Coletto Prisma Mesh-Trimmed Swimsuit is a big favorite of Beyonce’.  This suit presents a youthful and womanly vibe while it runs about $360 in stores.

8. Roxana Salehorn

If you want to pull off the vintage vixen look, this swimsuit is for you.  The Roxana Salehorn Halter Bra will only set you back $144. Lena Dunham is a huge fan of this look and you’ll pull it off with gusto also.

7. Morgan Lane

The Morgan Lane Lusiana Bikini Top is a cute swimsuit worn by Ashley Fuller.  You’ll feel sleek and cool all summer long in this get-up. This suit will cost you about $135.

6. Haight

The Haight Striped Swimsuit is a huge hit on the beautiful beaches of Brazil.  You can rock this new retro look for just $277 while turning heads on the beach or at the pool.

5. Johanna Ortiz

The Johanna Ortiz Ruffled One Shoulder Bikini Top runs about $495, however, this extra-extra style is elegant and classy.  You’ll give off the impression of a glamour girl back in the golden age of Hollywood with this suit.

4. Rye

The Rye Cackle Scalloped Triangle Bikini gives you the sunny side up vibe.  This hot swimsuit is a favorite of Michelle Monahan and is a staple on the gorgeous beaches of Punta Cana, Dom. Rep.  You’ll pay about $240 for this one and be very happy that you made the purchase.

3. Bamba Swim

The Bamba Swim Vino Top is extremely inexpensive at $79.  But, don’t let that fool you. This hot, hot suit is rocked by Kourtney Kardashian and is in the Aussie Babe style.  Don’t miss out on this one during the summer heat.

2. Hunza G

The Hunza G Bikini Top is another great swimsuit for your collection.  Rihanna and Adwoa Aboah are big fans of this look. They call it the Pretty Woman look.  You’ll feel as sexy as Julia Roberts when you don this hot piece, and you’ll only pay $180 for it.

1. Fella Swim

The Fella Swim Fella Pierre Top is similar to the Phoebe Cates look in Fast Times at Ridgemont High.  If that doesn’t ring a bell, just know that this hot swimsuit is worn by many Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Models throughout the year.  This look will run you about $150 and have the guys checking you out poolside all summer long.

So, enjoy shopping for these hot looks and make it a summer to remember for a lifetime.

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