When you run a business you need to make sure you have all your bases covered, whether it’s having the best SEO team working for you, hiring the right in house employees, or purchasing the right tools.  Running a business isn’t easy but when you have the best business supplies from a company such as Coastal Business Supplies you will be ahead of the game.

There are a million different kinds of business supplies out there however, we’ve created a short list of some unknown supplies that are a necessity to several businesses.  From Security Paper to Comb Binding Supplies you’ll want to take a look and see that you’re not missing something.

Here is a list of what you need to help your business thrive in 2019.

10. Security Paper

Security is paramount in 2019 and with Kan’t Kopy security paper you’ll rest easy knowing your business’s and customers’ information is safe.

9. Software Packages and Stock Art

Using the X-Rite i1 Basic Pro 2 Color management software for monitors, Digital Factory Oki Transfer RIP V10 Software or the Silhouette Studio Software Business Edition will have you ahead of the game.

8. Application Tools

Using a Pre-Cut Thermal Tape Dispenser or a 3M Vinyl Application Squeegee Tool can make your work day so much better.  You might also want to try some Clear Heat Resistant Tape for coffee mugs and tiles.

7. Production Sublimation Jigs

An MDF Board Jig for luggage tags can work wonders for your business.  Saving you time and manpower in the process.

6. Lamination Rolls

Lamination Rolls can make your products look great.  Try Thermal Laminating Film Rolls alongside Laminating Pouches with a Mounting Board.

5. Printable Sticker and Decal Media and Printable Canvas Paper

Every business should have some Printable Inkjet Decal Sticker Paper or Permanent Self Adhesive Gloss White Film.  Don’t forget the Canvas Jet FT Glossy

4. Brother Stamp Creator

You can make up your own customized stamps that stand out of the crowd with the Brother SC2000 USB Stamp Creator Stamp Machine

3. Brother Printable Stamps and Stamp Replacements

You can get custom designed stamps in minutes with the Brother Counter Book.  You might also need the Brother Customizable Pre-Inked Rubber Stamp Replacements.

2. Comb Binding Supplies

With Comb Binding Supplies you’ll have Vinyl Badge Clips and Thermal Tape for coffee mugs and tiles.

1. Finishing and Protective Sheets

Finishing and protective sheets can come in handy for your business.  Try the Silicone-Treated Cover Sheets for Heat Transfer and Sublimation Printing.  You might also want to look into Protective Heat Press Teflon Cover Material.

Whether you’re in the coffee mug business or label printing, using the supplies above can give you a distinct edge above your competition.  Maybe your company uses stamps regularly and provides lamination services? Whatever the case this list has something for you.

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