In an effort to guide their patients to optimal health, doctors will often recommend medical products to them. The problem is that doctors are not equipped to guide their patients to the best sources for these retail products. As a result, patients often walk out of their doctor’s office with a vague idea about what they need and no idea about where to get it.

“‘Where can I find these products?’ ‘Which brand is best?’ ‘What is a fair price for the product?’ These are the questions that patients have when they leave their doctor’s office with a recommendation for a product,” explains Adam Miscik, CEO and Founder of MedBot. “Ideally, every patient will have an experience that gives them clear direction about what they need in order to be healthy before they leave their doctor’s office and a convenient option for obtaining it. Through MedBot, we make that possible.”

Patient Compliance

MedBot is a game-changing digital tool that empowers doctors to dramatically increase the patient experience by providing a one-click solution for purchasing recommended retail medical products. By utilizing a powerful artificial intelligence (AI) engine, MedBot analyzes the doctor’s diagnosis and connects the patient with a custom-tailored list of recommended products. MedBot’s automatic email or text message allows patients to order the products through their doctor’s online retail shop with the mere touch of a button.

Helping Doctors to Encourage Patient Compliance

Adam knows firsthand the frustration that comes from trying to follow up on a doctor’s recommendation. His mother found herself sifting through dozens of options in the pharmacy section of her local superstore after receiving a recommendation for eye drops from her ophthalmologist, and she ended up texting Adam for guidance.

“Even when it comes to something as seemingly simple as eye drops, the sheer number of different products patients can come across is daunting,” Adam explains. “The process of sorting through all of the options is confusing and inconvenient. It can be easy for patients to feel so overwhelmed that they end up walking away frustrated. But when they use MedBot, it’s like they’re shopping with a doctor right by their side.”

Walking away without purchasing using the product a doctor recommends is a problem known as patient noncompliance. When patients fail to comply with their doctor’s recommendations, their condition can worsen or be prolonged. Some of the top reasons often cited by patients for noncompliance include a misunderstanding about what product is needed, a lack of trust in the product, and the high cost of products.

Patients Get Retail Products

“MedBot removes many of the challenges that can contribute towards nonadherence,” Adam mentions. “It assists doctors in giving their patients easier access to medical supplies from a trusted source, helps remove confusion by recommending products specific to their needs, and delivers products that are reliable and more affordable. By using MedBot, patients can access the products they need to improve their health without the complicated and frustrating search process.”

Easing the Process of Offering Retail Products

While purchasing medical products directly from their doctor is the best option for patients, it can be a challenge for doctors to provide this service.

“Doctors often work 100 hours or more each week in order to care for their patients, which leaves them little time for selecting and procuring the products that their patients may need,” Adam explains. “MedBot fixes this problem for doctors by streamlining the selection process, then automating the recommendations based on the diagnoses that doctors are already making.”

MedBot is revolutionizing medical retail by giving doctors an efficient tool for creating, maintaining, and promoting their online stores. It gives doctors a mobile-enabled interface for choosing products that have been integrated with MedBot’s platform. After products are selected, MedBot ensures they are readily available whenever patients need them.

Patients Get Retail Products

Thanks to MedBot, doctors can ease their patients’ shopping experience without placing any new burdens on their staff. In fact, it reduces doctors’ workload by doing away with calls from patients who are confused by what products are available to them or may have forgotten what particular products their doctor recommended they use. In addition, it adds a new revenue stream for doctors by addressing the challenges that make selling retail products cost-prohibitive.

Doctors who have experimented with selling retail products to their clients also know that it can be an awkward endeavor. MedBot eschews this awkwardness by integrating with the doctor’s electronic health records, providing a frictionless process by which a diagnosis triggers an automatic recommendation that is delivered to the patient securely and confidently.

“MedBot is the tool that doctors need to provide a personalized concierge retail experience for their patients,” Adam explains. “It completely eliminates the frustrating process of sorting through a labyrinth of online options or wandering aimlessly through a store until they find whatever product was recommended to them. MedBot removes the guesswork and the worry, making sure the best options are never more than a simple click away, revolutionizing the entire medical retail industry.”

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