Daily tasks, such as going to the bathroom, can become a difficult task when a user is elderly toilet seat for disabled. Remaining stable, lowering onto the seat, or maneuvering to practice hygiene tasks are all difficult for vulnerable users.

But with the help of toilet aids such as raised toilet seats, toilet frames and surrounds, and night glow toilet seats, they can continue to carry out bathroom activities safely and independently.

Who are These Elderly Toilet Seat Products Good for?

Toilet aids are excellent safety additions for many vulnerable individuals, such as the elderly toilet seat, disabled, mobility restricted and vision impaired. There are different aids available depending on the unique needs of the individual.

1. Raised toilet seats

Evekareโ€™s range of raised toilet seats includes a 4.7-inch option and a 2-inch option each able to be fitted to a regular toilet with bottom fixings. The range also includes rubber seats at different heights that provide an extra level of comfort.

Each of the raised toilet seat options could be used to aid mobility restricted individuals in using the bathroom. The blue colour of the rubber seats may also be useful for vision-impaired individuals to navigate the bathroom.

2. Nightglow toilet seats

Our range of glow in the dark toilet seats allows vision-impaired individuals to safely navigate the bathroom in the evening.

Evekare offers blue and greenlit toilet seats to ensure that each user can be catered to. We also offer elongated seats to ensure that the comfort of each user is maintained throughout use.

3. Bidet toilet seats

Bidet toilet seats allow for mobility restricted users to maintain safety and hygiene when practicing daily bathroom activities.

Our range includes a smart bidet toilet seat that is equipped with remote control capabilities, four cleaning modes including posterior, feminine, swing and massage, a self-cleaning nozzle to minimize maintenance, and a heated seat to maintain user comfort.

The rest of the bidet toilet seat range that Evekare offers include glow in the dark options and regular water-powered options.

4. Toilet safety frames

Toilet safety frames arenโ€™t specifically a seating option, but can still help users to stay safe, stable and avoid slips and injuries in the bathroom when theyโ€™re at their most vulnerable.

Toilet safety frames provide a rail for users to hold onto while they lower and lift themselves to and from the toilet seat. This allows extra for stabilization, therefore increasing the safety of the user.

Finding the Right Option for you

Going to the bathroom is a daily activity that everyone must be able to take out comfortably and safely. Being able to do so independently can greatly increase the self-esteem of elderly toilet seat, disabled, mobility-restricted and vision-impaired individuals.

Evekareโ€™s extensive range of toilet seating options can aid vulnerable individuals in maintaining independence and self-esteem, regardless of what their vulnerability may be.

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