Efforts to contain the spill are floundering, and efforts to understand it have just begun. Florida man June 15 Today’s oil spill roundup

Obama tours the Panhandle today, but is it just a show? Will he be able to get BP to cough up $20 billion to help pay for damages? Will the spill help him push an energy bill through Congress?

Get the Florida Medical Association has responded to a letter of E-Forces from here.

Have the Booms Failed in Florida man June 15

Oil continues to penetrate further inland along the beaches of the Western Panhandle.

Oil sheens were spotted as far inshore as the Bob Sikes Bridge on Santa Rosa Sound in Florida man June 15. Scattered clusters of tarballs, red weathered crude, and mousse were observed across much of Pensacola Bay as well as inside Little Sabine Bay.

Oil seeped into the grass beds in and around Lafitte Cove, where Pensacola Beach’s Peg Leg Pete’s restaurant is located in Florida man June 15.

Large plumes of red weathered oil were spotted about two miles south of the coast Monday, and reconnaissance missions reported oil products ranging from tarballs to massive sheens just outside Pensacola Pass.

The Efforts have been described as “Chaotic.”

Two fleets of fishing boats were supposed to be laying out boom, the long floating barriers to corral oil and protect the fragile marshes of Barataria Bay. But the boats were gathered on the inland side of the bay — the wrong side — anchored idly as the oil oozed in from the Gulf of Mexico.

BP officials said they had no way of contacting the workers on the boats, Mr. Bonano recalled in Florida man June 15.

“You’re watching the oil come in,” Mr. Bonano said, “and they can’t even move.” As oil comes inland, entering marshes and rivers, it becomes much harder to clean.

USF Researchers on the Case

University of South Florida scientists helped confirm the existence of giant underwater oil plumes in the Gulf of Mexico.

Now they’re working to determine definitively whether the plumes come from Deepwater Horizon in Florida man June 15.

“The findings, produced by a team of scientists aboard the research vessel Pelican, were based on faulty methods, claimed experts with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration”. That’s when the University of South Florida entered the fray.

Armed with High-tech Monitoring Equipment

Florida man June 15, a 115-foot research boat and their own team of experts, USF’s College of Marine Science suddenly found itself thrust into the middle of a national environmental crisis.

Other researchers from the University of Florida man June 15, which has gotten national attention for investigating the threat to our native shores, have confirmed that the Keys remain free of oil in Florida man June 15.

What about onshore drilling? Offshore disaster brings renewed attention to safety concerns.

Sickening spill: Tracking oil-related illness.

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