The oil continues to wash ashore as far east as Panama City, while black sludge piling up near Pensacola has prompted politicians to demand more resources.

Federal Judge (and oil industry investor) Martin Feldman denied a petition by the Obama Administration to keep the deepwater drilling moratorium in place while the ruling was appealed.

But Judge Feldman said he was denying the delay for the same reasons he gave for his June 22 decision: that the moratorium was doing “irreparable harm” to the businesses in the gulf that depend on drilling activity and that the government had not given sufficient basis for the moratorium.

Still, don’t count out that deepwater drilling moratorium just yet.

The House Judiciary Committee approved subpoena power for the commission investigating the oil spill, the full chamber apporved the measure almost unanimously. The lone holdout? Congressman Ron Paul.

BP continues to deny the existence of underwater oil plumes.

The spoof BPGlobalPR Twitter account now advocates for cleanup workers.

Ask the environmental ethicist: Which is worse, global warming or the oil spill?

Mythology: 15 oil spill misconceptions debunked.

BP and the bailout: Lessons in regulatory failure.

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