+ It’s been two days since former Republican Party chairman Jim Greer was arrested, and questions are still swirling. Number one: Who was the mystery donor who gave Greer $10,000? Those questioned about the case say that’s a key question investigators are asking. [Naked Politics]

+ Question number two: What does the national party have to say about Greer’s arrest? “RNC spokesman Doug Heye called the accusations ‘unacceptable’ and said donors ‘have a right to know that that their hard-earned money is being used, as they expect, to elect candidates who stand for their principles.’” [Political Ticker…]

+ But of course the Greer arrest isn’t Florida’s only unfolding scandal! Turns out the staff of Attorney General Bill McCollum questioned the office’s decision to hire anti-gay activist George Rekers to testify in Florida’s defense of its ban on gay adoption. One assistant wrote in a 2007 email that she “recommend[ed] NOT using him.” [Sarasota Herald-Tribune]

+ Speaking of Florida’s gay adoption ban, three out of four Republicans running for attorney general this year think it’s a good idea. [St. Petersburg Times]

+ Sen. George LeMieux says President Obama has failed to properly take charge of efforts to cap the Deepwater Horizon spill and that he should be “on the ground” every day. “I expect to see the president three, four times a week in the gulf until this problem is solved,” he adds. [Post on Politics]

+ Rick Scott presses the flesh in Little Havana. [The Miami Herald]

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