+ Gov. Crist indicates he plans to veto House Bill 1143 (which requires a woman planning to have an abortion to pay for an ultrasound), because, “The notion that there would be a forced ultrasound, if you will, that would have to be paid for by the woman involved, those are things that seem to me to be pretty cynical.” [Central Florida Political Pulse]

+ Dan Fanelli, a Republican running to unseat Rep. Alan Grayson, D-Orlando, releases a new ad suggesting that federal health care reform will lead to the elderly being denied life-saving care. When contacted by PolitiFact, Fanelli admits, “You are asking for substantiation. I can’t go to a page in the bill.” [PolitiFact Florida]

+ Why boycotting BP gas stations doesn’t harm the company. [St. Petersburg Times]

+ “Incoming House Speaker Dean Cannon continues to resist Gov. Charlie Crist’s renewed call for a special session.” [The Buzz]

+ “Broward schools to lay off 1,305, including 568 teachers.” [SunSentinel.com]

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