+ Gov. Crist indicates he plans to veto House Bill 1143 (which requires a woman planning to have an abortion to pay for an ultrasound), because, “The notion that there would be a forced ultrasound, if you will, that would have to be paid for by the woman involved, those are things that seem to me to be pretty cynical.” [Central Florida Political Pulse]

+ Dan Fanelli, a Republican running to unseat Rep. Alan Grayson, D-Orlando, releases a new ad suggesting that federal health care reform will lead to the elderly being denied life-saving care. When contacted by PolitiFact, Fanelli admits, “You are asking for substantiation. I can’t go to a page in the bill.” [PolitiFact Florida]

+ Why boycotting BP gas stations doesn’t harm the company. [St. Petersburg Times]

+ “Incoming House Speaker Dean Cannon continues to resist Gov. Charlie Crist’s renewed call for a special session.” [The Buzz]

+ “Broward schools to lay off 1,305, including 568 teachers.” [SunSentinel.com]

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The Florida Water Coalition today sent letters to the state's congressional delegation, urging them to support water pollution limits for Florida, which have been opposed by every major industrial and agricultural group in Florida. According to the letter, water pollution in Florida is posing a serious health threat to humans and wildlife alike — and leading to declines in tourism and waterfront real estate.