+ In a new TV ad, Rick Scott slams Bill McCollum for lobbying on behalf of the mortgage industry. [The Buzz]

+ “As of May 31, Florida listed 729,103 valid conceal carry permits through its Division of Licensing, which means roughly 4 percent of the state’s 18.5 million residents can carry a concealed handgun, pepper spray, or stun gun.” [Sarasota Herald-Tribune]

+ The Florida Supreme Court is set to create an Innocence Commission, whose mission is to study systemic flaws in Florida’s criminal justice system that have sent innocent men and women to prison. [Orlando Sentinel]

+ Jim Greer (who you might be aware is in a bit of hot water) asks a judge for a delay in his civil suit against the Republican Party. [Naked Politics]

+ The St. Petersburg Times continues its dynamite reporting on the Church of Scientology, this time unveiling details on how the organization pressured members to have abortions they didn’t want. [St. Petersburg Times]

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About 200 people, representing a diverse array of organizations and unions, marched in Miami on Tuesday to demand accountability from Bank of America and to support the Occupy Miami movement. The protest came on the same day Bank of America announced it is dropping a controversial proposal to charge $5 for using debit card use.