There are many reasons why you may want to hire a trailer, from moving offices or houses to going on holiday. You need to consider the reason that you require a trailer. Are you moving boxes? Or do you need a trailer that is big enough to accommodate large pieces of furniture?

If you’re moving houses, then contacting a company that specialises in furniture trailer hire is the best option. There are so many options available that you are sure to find exactly what you are looking for. But how do you pick one? And do you know how to use it correctly? Take a look at these tips to ensure that you find the correct one and stay safe using it.

Pay Attention to The Condition of the Trailer

Once you’ve decided on the type of trailer you need, look carefully at the condition that the trailer is in.

  • Pay special attention to the tires. There should be no visible wear and tear.
  • Check that the brakes and the brake lights are in good working condition.
  • Look for any loose wires or rust and corrosion.

Ask the sales person for the record of maintenance and ask if any repairs have been carried out. Find out how often the axles are checked and changed. Check for any visible damage and bring it to the attendee’s attention. Only hire a trailer if you have peace of mind about its safety and quality.

Does Everything Operate Correctly?

It is vital to make sure that everything on the trailer is in perfect working order. Check that the turn signals and brake lights are working. It should be very simple to connect the wiring bundle to your vehicle.

Pay special attention to the hitch which should be attached solidly to the body of the vehicle. Familiarise yourself with how the mechanism works so you can attach it safely.

Safety Tips When It Comes to Tow Bars

Vehicles fitted with tow bars should have a tow ball that is 50mm in diameter. Make sure the tow ball is clean before you hitch it to the trailer. Your tow bar must be able to handle the weight of the loaded trailer.

Safety Tips When Driving with a Trailer

Driving with a trailer attached to your vehicle is not as easy as you might imagine. Before starting your journey, you should practice pulling in and out of the driveway. Take a slow drive along a quiet street to get used to the feeling before pulling into heavy traffic.

The size of the trailer will determine how much the trailer will affect your driving. When you’re ready to set off, ensure that everything is in working order and that the trailer is attached correctly.

The Difference when Driving

When you drive with a trailer attached you will need to make adjustments to the way you drive. These include:

  • Keep a longer following distance: The extra weight of the trailer will make slowing down and stopping more difficult.
  • Take wider turns: Your vehicle has almost doubled in length so you will need to pay special attention to turns so that you don’t hit the curb or any other vehicles.
  • Turn carefully: If you turn too sharply, you could easily jack-knife or cause the trailer to flip.
  • Keep it slow and steady: It will take much longer to stop in the case of an emergency, so it is better to stay in the slow lane and drive below the speed limit.
  • Make sure that you have enough space to park: The trailer will take up more room than a regular vehicle.
  • Don’t do it alone: Ask a friend to accompany you. He or she can keep an eye on the trailer while you drive.
  • Are the vehicle and trailer a good match? Check that your vehicle is capable of towing the trailer’s weight safely. The owner’s manual will let you know the towing capacity of the vehicle.
  • Prevent the trailer from swaying: This can be achieved by packing the trailer correctly. The heaviest items should be placed in the front and the trailer should be balanced to ensure a smoother ride.
  • Check the breakaway cable: If the trailer disconnects from your vehicle the cable will brake the trailer and stop it immediately.
  • Be aware of your surroundings: Vehicles on the road may stop without warning so always be prepared.
  • Keep your eyes on the road: Don’t change the music or use your phone to text or call. Your eyes should remain firmly on the road at all times.

Does Your Vehicle Have Tow/Haul Mode?

Some trucks and larger vehicles have a special mode for towing trailers. You will find the button located on your dashboard if it is available. This feature also comes standard on many automatic vehicles.

Knowing how to operate and drive a trailer safely is an impressive skill to have. It can save you money as you can move house yourself instead of hiring expensive movers. As long as you follow these safety tips you should have no problem hiring and driving a trailer.

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