Nearly 20 percent of young Americans vape regularly. If you’re starting out, the sheer number of different e-liquids can be baffling. There’s organic top vape juice, juice that tastes like candy, juice that claims to do everything but make your morning coffee.

But what’s the best e-liquid for you? We’re here to cut through the jargon and give you those clear recommendations you’ve been waiting for. No matter whether you’re a long-time smoker who’s made the switch or a first-time vaper, we’ve got the top vape juice for you.

Want to find out which is the top vape juice for you? Would you like to know which ones are going to set your tastebuds alight? Then read on, vape on, and live longer.

Understanding What Vape Juice is Made From

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Vape juice is primarily a mix of two different compounds: vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol. These are known as VG and PG for short. 

A juice that’s higher in VG will be thicker and sweeter than one that’s high in PG. These juices tend to produce thicker clouds of vape but are also harder on your vape’s coils (the part that produces the clouds). If the juice is being marketed as a gourmet e-liquid, it’s likely to be high in VG.

If you see organic vape juice, this is free from artificial compounds. That means it’s also 100 percent VG.

PG is thinner than VG and is odorless and tasteless. It’s ideal for those who have switched from smoking, as it gives more of a throat hit. This means it feels more like smoking.

These two compounds form the base of e-liquids. 

Most top vape juice brands will sell liquids that are 50/50 or 80/20 VG to PG. We recommend starting with a 50/50 liquid and adjusting the ratios as necessary.

Vape juice brands will then add flavorings to this mixture, which produces the tastes and smells you’re familiar with. Some will also add nicotine. If you’re not an ex-smoker, you should stick to non-nicotine vape juice.

What to Look For in a Top Vape Juice

You can often tell top vape juice from budget stuff by looks. Good quality vape juice will be clear, with no particles floating around inside. It should be clear, too: if it’s turned yellow or brown, it’s been exposed to oxygen and sunlight.

If you’re buying from a store, there should be testers. Rip the cap off and give it a smell. If it’s nicotine-free, do a knuckle test: put a drop on your knuckle and taste it.

The best vape juice should have a strong smell and taste. Cheaper liquid tends to either taste bad or not really taste of anything. 

You should only ever buy vape juice from companies that you trust. This is going inside your body, remember, and the last thing you want is tainted liquid. Do your research and look into the company’s safety procedures.

Which Nicotine Level Should You Use?


The amount of nicotine in your vape juice comes down to a couple of factors. How big are the clouds you’re going to produce, and how much did you use to smoke? 

The concentrations of nicotine in vape juice are shown as milligrams per milliliter or mg/ml. As a rule of thumb, for every five cigarettes, you used to smoke, add 3mg to the concentration. Consider these rough guidelines:

  • If you smoked 10 cigarettes a day, use 6 mg vape juice.
  • If you smoked 20, use 12 mg vape juice.
  • If you smoked 40, use 24 mg vape juice.

However, this doesn’t necessarily apply if you’re going to be using a more powerful vape. When I made the switch, I used a 12 mg juice in an Innokin T18 II, which is a fantastic starter vape. Now I’m using the more powerful Vaporesso Gen mod, I only use 3 mg e-liquid. 

If you’re chucking clouds, you’re going to find that the best vape juice for you will have a 3 mg/ml concentration. If it’s higher, it’s going to burn and make you choke.

What Flavor Should I Go For?

Walking into a vape shop can be intimidating for first-timers. The sheer number of flavors can be overwhelming. What should you try, as a first-timer?

Tobacco Flavors

If you’ve smoked for years, try starting with a tobacco flavor. This is a hard one to nail down, and a lot of companies end up with juice that tastes more like caramel. Smell the different tobacco juices and give them a knuckle test, and discover the best vape juice for you.

Menthol Flavors

If you used to smoke Newports or other menthol cigarettes, you’re in for a treat. There’s a huge number of different menthol juices. These are some of the easiest flavors to get right, so good menthol e-liquid won’t cost you a whole lot.

Look for extra-strong menthol flavors for an intense kick that’s like smoking extra-strong mints. If you want something more reserved, try out a tobacco flavor with a menthol nicotine shot. 

Fruit, Candy, and Dessert Flavors

Inhaling a huge cloud of what tastes like apple pie never stops feeling odd. That doesn’t mean it’s not delicious, though. 

If you want something that’s completely different from cigarettes, try out the sweeter flavors. Be aware that many people find them too overwhelming to use as an all-day vape. Sweeter flavors also tend to gunk up coils more than other flavors, so you may end up spending more on replacements.

Thoughts on Vaping

Sub-Ohm Vaping

We hope that you’re feeling less overwhelmed about top vape juice now. It’s a matter of personal taste and trial and error, but you’re bound to find one that you love to vape all day. 

Take a trip into your local vape store and ask to try as many different liquids as you want. Finding a top vape juice that fits your tastes may determine how successful you are in quitting smoking. 

Take your time, and enjoy producing clouds. Vape on and have fun.

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