Everything has an aura — and we’re not saying that without proof. Aura is an electromagnetic energy field, something that even scientists acknowledge to exist around everything in the world. But don’t know how to see auras?

All people can sense an aura one way or another. Have you ever had the chills when talking to someone you’ve never met before? That’s because you felt their aura.

You can take this ability further and see with your eyes the aura of other people. This can tell you a lot about their thoughts and emotions, but it’s not an easy feat.

If you want to learn how to see auras, follow our tips below on how to see auras. Do you know how does Astrology works?

1. Start with Sensing Energy

Seeing auras start with sensing energy. To do that, try to assess your feelings whenever you’re with someone. How do you feel in their presence?

Do you feel calm? Relaxed? Excited? Do you feel loved or do you feel drained?

You can close your eyes to focus on what you’re feeling. It’s your physical reaction to someone’s presence that will make it easier for you to identify their colors. 

2. Relax Your Body

For a beginner, it can be hard to see an aura in a distracting environment. Begin your every practice by relaxing your body — and your mind and emotions, as well.

You can manipulate your surroundings to help you achieve peace within yourself better. Dim the lights and choose a room that blocks out noise. Then, position a practice partner in front of a light, solid background. 

Take some deep breaths, try to sense the energy you’re feeling, and do the rest of our tips below. You can also check out this guide for practicing.

3. Try Your Peripheral Vision

Sometimes, things are easier to see when you’re not directly looking at them. Our eyes are constantly processing too much information all the time, so our direct vision may not be able to gaze upon what we can’t normally see.

While your partner is in front of a wall, direct your gaze away from them. Make sure you can still see them but you’re not looking at them directly.

Stare at a spot for a minute and allow your gaze to soften or lose focus. Try not to stress about it in line with our tip above.

4. Practice Identifying the Colors

Do you know what will help you identify the colors of auras? Literal colors.

Get solid-colored objects in different hues and practice your periphery on them first. Again, place them on a light, solid background to let their colors shine better.

Relax your mind and body, then gaze at a spot beside the object. Notice the field around it; if you’re successful, you may notice a pale shimmer of color.

This is what you’re looking for in people. Practice on solid-colored objects first, then move on to multicolored objects. You’ll be seeing a lot of colors in people’s auras soon.

5. Learn the Meanings of Colors

It will help if you learn the meanings of colors, too. It reveals information about a person’s thoughts, feelings, dreams, and so on.

People often have differently-colored auras, although there’s one dominant color. In some people, though, the aura can appear as a rainbow without one color that stands out. These people have a high level of spirituality. 

A yellow aura relates to the energy source, but it’s also the color of playfulness, optimism, creativity, and more. Red is the color of the heart, and it can indicate a healthy ego or anger and anxiety.

The meanings of colors will be different depending on their brightness and other characteristics. Do your homework to be able to read auras accurately.

6. Try Plants First Before Moving On to People

Plants radiate auras, too! They’re perfect as practice partners because they don’t move and their auras are less complex. That said, they don’t have colorful auras as people do, so don’t get frustrated if you don’t see what you were expecting.

7. See Your Aura

If you’ve had enough practice with plants, you can try moving onto people, but start with yourself first. This is going to be more challenging, so prepare your mind and body first.

Relax, clear your mind, and begin with an intention to see your aura. Once your mind and intentions are clear, rub your palms or a finger from both hands together. After a while, move them apart with about a half-inch of space between them.

Auras are sticky; rubbing your hands or fingers will let the energy stick to each other so that it hangs between them. Then, follow our tips above and try to notice the energy in between your palms or fingers.

You can also practice yourself in another way. You can do this by using a mirror and using your reflection as your partner.

8. Get a Willing Participant

At some point, you have to get a human partner who’s willing to practice this with you. Consent is important — it ensures you honor their free will, allowing you access to their aura.

Like an object or a plant, instruct your friend to sit or stand in front of a light, solid background. Proceed to what you would normally do with objects, plants, or yourself.

Once you have a grasp of their aura, ask them to sway side-to-side. You should notice the energy sways with them, too. Don’t worry if their colors change as they do this, as different parts of the body may radiate different energy.

9. Try Emphatic Aura Sensing

If you’re not seeing colors no matter how you do, you may still be able to “read” a person using an emphatic connection. It has more or less the same process, but you don’t “see” with your eyes. You use your solar plexus instead to create a connection with another’s solar plexus.

This is a subject for another time, but understand that this has some risks. You have to always turn off your connection with other people, or else one or the other might affect their partner’s energy.

10. Practice, Practice, and Practice

Like a muscle on your body, your aura-sensing capabilities will only get stronger if you practice it regularly. Learning how to sense auras is, in a way, like exercising. 

However, try to limit yourself to the duration of your practice sessions. Practice for only a few minutes at a time. Be careful not to overdo yourself and strain your energy. Each individual learns at a different pace, so don’t mind the progress of others.

Learn More About How to See Auras

how to learn

All the tips in the world about how to see auras won’t help you if you don’t take the first step today. Follow our tips on how to see auras, but don’t get too worried if you don’t nail it on your first tries. It takes practice, but more importantly, it takes patience.

You can also keep educating yourself about spirituality by checking out our web guide section.

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