As an Instagram novice, how to quickly get a large number of followers, such as from 0 to 1000? After reading plenty of the Instagram articles and viewing many Youtube videos, I tried a variety of ways to get my first 1000 free followers last week. The truth is not as smooth as you think. At the beginning, I also spent a lot of time on some methods but with little or even negative effects. Then I changed my strategy and start to read many articles and view videos. Finally I found some effective tips and get my first 1000 free Instagram followers. Now I share these ultimate tips here. I believe if you read this article carefully you can save a lot of detours and easily gain 1,000 followers within a very short time.

I have my own understanding of the bottom line and algorithm of the Instagram platform. After lots of tests, I found the quickest and most effective way is to use tools which are specialized to get followers. I’m not talking about any tool because some tools may get punished by Instagram. I experimented with dozens of tools and finally found this free and useful one – GetInsta.

Get Free Instagram Followers

GetInsta is a free tool developed by a professional and experienced team. Its goal is to help every Instagram user get real and free Instagram followers and likes. With its help, you will continuously get 100% high-quality and free followers for Instagram.

It is totally free, very easy to use, just like ABC, without Instagram password required, no survey, no risk, 100% real and safe. Besides, it works for all three main platforms: Android, iOS, and Windows, and support well for any type of phones and computers.

Steps to get free Instagram followers and likes with GetInsta

Before using it, you need to search it out on Google by typing โ€œGetInstaโ€ and click the first result to its official site. Then download and install GetInsta on your phones or computers. Letโ€™s see how it works on Android phones.

Step one: Open GetInsta, create your account on it, and then log in with your account.

After you log in it, you will get some virtual coins immediately. Then you can use the virtual coins to buy followers for your Instagram account or buy likes for your Instagram posts.

Step two: Enter your Instagram username to add your Instagram account to GetInsta, no password needed.

You can add at most 5 Instagram accounts.

Step three: Choose the Instagram accounts which you want to increase its followers or likes, then post follower tasks or like tasks for those Instagram accounts.

Get Free Instagram Followers

These accounts will gain free followers instantly and organically. You can check the task progresses from the task list. You can also try this 1000 free Instagram followers trial firstly.

Get Free Instagram Followers

How to get more free followers and likes for your Instagram accounts

If you want to get more free Instagram followers and likes with GetInsta, you need to publish more tasks to get more coins. Follow the steps below to get more coins for free.

Step one: Log into your account on GetInsta.

Step two: Click the tab “Get Coins”. Then you can see the likes and followers tasks which are posted by others. Liking a post, you will get 20 coins immediately. Following an account, you will get 100 coins instantly. You can also skip any task if you do not like it.

How to directly buy Instagram followers and likes with real money

Besides getting followers and likes for free, GetInsta also provide buying followers and likes directly with money.

Step one: Log into your account on GetInsta.

Step 2: Click the tab “Buyโ€ and then select the Instagram accounts which you want to grow their followers and likes. Then tap “Buy Followers” or “Buy Likes” button to purchase Instagram followers and likes with real money.

Main features of GetInsta

  • Developed by a professional and experienced team, 100% clean and safe, no ads, no virus
  • Fully support the 3 main platforms (Windows, Android, iOS) and compatible with all their devices
  • Totally free, continuous followers and likes
  • Only need Instagram username, no Instagram account password required, no survey, and no risk
  • 100% real and high-quality active users
  • Instant but reasonable and organic delivery within 24 hours
  • Localization: 16 multiple languages
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