Traveling by train offers an excellent chance to see some of Europe’s breathtaking landscapes and natural attractions. Discover Europe by train is also a good choice if you are the sort of traveler who doesn’t need a travel plan or schedule because you can usually find a train leaving the stations to your preferred destination every two hours. Such are the benefits of train travel, and this has led to an exponential increase in people preferring to travel by train.

With such a high number of departures and interchanges occurring every day, it can be challenging to learn the tricks of saving money and making your trip as memorable as possible. If you’re planning to Discover Europe by train from Paris to London in this Covid-19 era, we’ve got some practical tips to help you keep safe and healthy and to save on train fares.

Some Practical Tips to Discover Europe by Train

Adhere to Health and Safety Guidelines

Health and Safety Guidelines

Public transport caters to many individuals, and it’s critical to ensure that you adhere to the health and safety guidelines set by the health department. There’re over three train routes and schedules from Paris to London, which means passengers share most amenities.

Before heading to the train station, ensure that you wash your hands with soap and clean, running water. Remember to sanitize your hands using a sanitizing chemical with 60% alcohol. Once you reach the station, avoid touching and leaning on frequently touched surfaces such as rails, ticketing machines, ATM/elevator buttons, and benches.

You also need to maintain social distancing at the station. That means you stay six feet apart from other individuals. Train operators have also set additional health policies and signs directing passengers to sit queues or exit. It’s critical to follow these instructions as they are designed to keep you and other travelers safe.

Pack for Good Health

backpacking essentials

Before Discover Europe by train, ensure you’re in good health. If you start exhibiting any symptoms before traveling, it would be best to postpone the trip. Taking the trip when sick ruins all the fun and make the experience dull. However, if you’re headed on a business trip, which you can’t avoid, you need to ensure that your health insurance for international travel is in order.

Apart from the clothes you pack for your trip, you also need to include other foods that promote good health while traveling. For instance, you need to pack some vitamins to boost your immune system and boost your vitality. Furthermore, charcoal powder contains minerals that can help digestion if you taste food that doesn’t go well with your stomach.

Lastly, don’t forget your face mask. Wearing a face mask helps you prevent COVID-19 spread, especially at the station and on the train, where you’re in close quarters with other people. Besides, you need to be healthy to travel as much as possible.

Book a Seat in Advance

Book a Seat in Advance

Booking your train ticket early helps you to save money. You’ll notice many train companies and online travel agents offer discounts for early bookings, and you can reserve a seat four months in advance. That gives you a chance of saving up to 60% on ticket costs due to the low demand.

Furthermore, booking in advance means you won’t have to undergo the last-minute rush to secure a ticket at the station. You’ll have enough time to plan your trip, depending on what you’d like to be doing while traveling. For example, if you’d like to be productive on your laptop, you have the freedom to choose a seat near a power outlet and a table. Such benefits only come with early bookings.

Traveling by train can be challenging and hectic for someone who has never traveled by train. Even an experienced train traveler finds it challenging to travel, especially in this coronavirus era. However, by adhering to the above tips, you can ensure you’re safe and worry-free when going out to discover Europe by train.

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