Vinyl banners are considered to be one of the most effective budget-friendly options for marketing and promotional purposes.Β  Vinyl is a print-friendly material, and it also has the potential to attract thousands of spectators. Only a few such marketing tools effectively offer optimum cost-per-impression value, and a strategically placed banner is one such tool.Β  Also, if you plan to kickstart a new business, you may incorporate some of the best marketing tips in your strategy, as we discuss below.

Tips on custom vinyl banners

1. Create a minimalistic, attention-grabbing design

attention-grabbing design

The printers you approach may be the best, but they don’t need to be good in the design ideas. They may tend to put tons of information by using the maximum possible space available, but this may be a mistake. Remember, your banners may be viewed from a distance, and so the images, texts, and other design elements on your banner should be large enough to be visible. Remember the passers-by people may often view the banners so quickly, so the design and text should be digestible at a single glance o the banner.

2. Reveal your offerings

Reveal your offerings

While planning your banner content, clearly convey your key benefits offered on the banner headline itself. Are you offering the best competitive pricing? Do you provide a unique service? Are you coming up with a new offering? Whatever you wish to offer to the target audience, state it clearly in the most attractive and clear terms on your banner displayed for them.

3. Make your call to action creative

Make it clear what the customers need to do next to get the advantage of the special offers you announced through the banner. The call to action must be made memorable and concise. It can be an easy to remember URL or a phone number. You may also include a QR code on the banner now, which the viewers can quickly scan and save on their smartphones. Remember, the customers have only very few seconds to spare on looking at your custom banners, so the project calls for easy notice.

4. Brand your custom banner

You must include your logo and other branding elements on your vinyl banner. Create the banner in tune with your brand philosophy that the viewers can easily relate to it. Consistent branding across your marketing and promotional platforms will surely pay off in terms of brand recognition and customer loyalty.

5. Placement at high traffic spaces

Placement at high traffic spaces

Ensure that you place the vinyl banners at high-traffic areas like busy shopping districts, intersections, and other high-traffic areas. Ensuring high-traffic placement of your promotional banners can ensure the most number of views. Even if you do not make it targeted to a specific audience, many of your target audience will certainly view your banners.

Along with all these, material and quality printing is also critical to make your banners most successful and ensure a high return on investment. You may choose the materials like 9 oz vinyl mesh for outdoor banners, which will let air pass through them. For indoor applications, materials like high-quality vinyl with 13 oz. Thickness and matte finish may be ideal. Make these choices with expert guidance.

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