Do you want to purchase a motorcycle?  Maybe you just bought a bike and need to get a license to ride it?  Or, you might simply want to have a motorcycle permit bike for the future.  Whatever the case is you should know a few things first.

Different states have different requirements but these are the basics you need to know about Florida motorcycle license. Do you know republican west urges bikers to force democrat to leave rally? Keep reading to know more.

How to Get Florida Motorcycle License?

You need to pay a $10 fee and pass a knowledge test to earn your instructional permit.  This is valid for one year. You have to be at least 16 years old to get a license. If you are under 18 then you need consent from your parents or guardian to get a motorcycle license.

 You will need to first get an instructional permit. This helps you practice your skills. You will need to provide proof of residency and your age with a photo ID. Don’t forget to bring proof of insurance for your motorcycle to the testing center.  

It should be noted that the instructional permit does come with restrictions.  For instance, you can’t drive after dark and you cannot have a passenger unless they are over the age of 25 and have carried a license for two or more years.

Schedule a Test

You should schedule a test at your local DMV through the phone or online system.    

How to Prepare for The Test

Ride Sally, ride.  The best way to prepare for the skills test if to practice riding.  Find an empty parking lot and practice making turns and other maneuver’s. To get a motorcycle permit you must pass a skills test.  This can be made easier if you practice or prepare beforehand.  This is where the instructional permit comes in handy since it lets you practice every day.

As far as the knowledge test you can find online study guides. You should read up on the rules and laws as much as possible and even take a practice test or two. When you are ready you can schedule a test online or via phone.

If you would like to extend your learners permit you can do so after it expires.  Just complete the DL-5 application again. If you happen to lose your permit you have to go through the whole process over again.

When you take the skills test, you will be judged on your aptitude to make left and right circles, and figure eights. This is why an empty parking lot os a great way to prepare.

Class M Test

If you have a Class M license with an 8 or 9 restriction then you can get it removed.  However, you have to pass a skill test before this can happen.

These simple steps should allow you to be ready for your tests and pass the very first time from automotive section.

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