As it’s called, CBD, or cannabidiol, is a compound found in marijuana plants (i.e., in hemp) that is known to have many medicinal benefits. Turned to oil, it has already been used to help patients with cancer and many other diseases.

And another great thing is its beneficial effects on pets too. CBD oil does what it was intended to do – it brings pain relief to your four-legged friend and reduces inflammation and pain. Due to their active nature and restlessness, pups are prone to injuries and conditions that cause them physical discomfort.

So, what does it take to use CBD oil for your dog? Before you try this product on your pet, check price, and learn how it works. But no matter how beneficial this supplement is for dogs, some won’t take with enthusiasm. If you deal with a picky eater, you just have to be more creative about CBD administering.

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Know the Dosage

The cannabidiol dosage for dogs is individual and can vary from one animal to another. That won’t help you much but can give the idea to always start with the lowest dose. With oils, depending on the administration method, most dogs will feel effects soon after administering. That is good, as you want to see results and a positive difference in your dog’s behavior quickly.

Even though cannabidiol has no side effects on dogs, you should be aware that it’s not an appropriate treatment for every situation. Before deciding to give it to your dog, talk to your vet about the best course of action for your pup’s health condition.

If you decided to give your pet CBD oil, make sure that they are certified and safe for your dog. You should never administer it to your pet without notifying a vet. Ask any questions about this product so that you know the right dosage for your pet.

Direct Placement

Nothing can beat this method, as CBD oil given orally has the fastest period of action and almost immediate effects on your pup. But if your dog has an aversion to medications, the sublingual administration of CBD may not be the best way.

If you know that the animal will become aggressive or bite you, do not try. But if your pet has a mild temperament, you can try to ‘trick’ him. Keep in mind that this will work only in larger breeds.

Entice the dog to open the mouth, but instead of a treat, pour the contents of the dropper. Be sure to give a favorite snack to your pup afterward. This way, your pet will understand that the reward comes after this ‘little sacrifice.’ The administration of CBD oil will be more comfortable every time.

Put It in Food

This is probably the easiest way, as no dog can resist a tasty meal. But when you are looking at how to give cannabidiol to a picky pet, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind. First, it’s good to know that there’s no ‘dangerous’ combination – this compound doesn’t interact with any kind of food.Β  So it safe to put it in almost anything your pet eats. But, in some cases, it won’t have effects.

As seen below, there are specialized products that you can mix with water (if your pup drinks it):

Even it’s entirely safe, CBD oil is not convenient for mixing with just every food your pup eats. CBD oils can have a bitter or grassy taste, which most dogs find odious. So you have to put it in food with a strong aroma, which will prevail and ‘hide’ the cannabidiol flavor.

Cannabidiol has the best interaction with healthy fats. So, if you’re thinking about mixing cannabidiol into a pup’s meal, let it be something that contains things like olive oil, peanut butter, full-fat yogurt, and similar fatty foods.

Make a Treat

Pets love treats because these yummy bites prove that they did something well and that their owners are proud. That’s why you should try sneaking in cannabidiol as a treat. Try to connect it with something positive.

For example, a dog brought you a newspaper; tell him to sit down and put a dropper in his mouth. For this method to work, get products with the aroma of beef, liver, or anything ‘smelly.’ Pups adore those flavors, so they won’t notice that cannabidiol is out there.

The second way is similar to the first; only the treat is actually a regular dog snack with added CBD oil. Pour it over a dry kibble or dog biscuit and wait a moment for your pup to deserve a treat. Just adhere to one rule – don’t let your pup sniff the treat before taking, so as not to discover something strange on the favorite snack.

Home-Made CBD Snacks

If you have ‘spoiled’ your puppy and regularly make healthy home-made snacks, you can use this to your advantage, especially if your dog likes raw treats. CBD shouldn’t be exposed to high temperatures, as it can lose its beneficial health properties.

The method is easy – add the prescribed dose of CBD oil to the mixture that you will leave to harden or freeze. These can be frozen yogurt treats, pumpkin or peanut butter-based bites, etc. Be sure to have a predominant ingredient inside to mask the aroma of cannabidiol.

Implementing CBD oil to your pup’s nutrition is an excellent way of treating and preventing many diseases. Taking this supplement will keep the discomfort to a minimum and provide your beloved dog with a much healthier life.

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