Do you use contact lenses?  Perhaps you are thinking about making the switch from glasses to simple contacts?  Maybe you’ve even had problems in the past because you weren’t using your contacts correctly or applying them in a safe manner?  Here are some tips that you can use to make sure you are being safe with your eyes and the use of your contact lenses.

First, let’s talk about what can happen if you don’t use contact lenses safely.  Our eyes are extremely important to our daily livelihood and happiness. Think of all the beautiful things we experience through our eyes.  A masterful painting, a gorgeous landscape, or a child walking for the first time.  Whatever it may be that is visually stunning and breathtaking to you, your eyes are something you want to protect.  

  • Infections

An infection in your eyes can make you blind.  This is also referred to as corneal ulceration.  When you sleep with your contact lenses you are at higher risk for infection.  Also, poor cleansing habits can lead to infections. Those who wear soft lenses tend to be more prone to infections since they leave them in for longer periods of time.  

  • Hypoxia

Hypoxia happens when the cornea doesn’t get enough oxygen.  This leads to blurred vision, discomfort, tired eyes, and grittiness.  There is a term called “corneal exhaustion” which occurs near the end of the wearing period.  You can help prevent hypoxia by using extended wear lenses, not sleeping in your lenses, and limiting the hours of the day you wear them.

How to Use Contact Lenses Safely

The first thing you should do is make sure that you only use a commercial cleaning solution.  Then, you should never share your contacts or mix solutions together.  These two seem like a no brainer but people actually do these things for one reason or another.  Don’t use your contact lenses while swimming even if you are wearing goggles.

Not only should you not sleep through the night in your lenses you really shouldn’t even take a nap in them.  Anytime you handle your contacts you should make sure you wash your hands with soap and water. Clean and replace your lens case on a regular basis.  Follow a schedule for wearing your lenses and never use them beyond their expiration date.

If you wear makeup you should always put your lenses in before applying.  You should also remove your make up before taking out your lenses. Another thing to keep in mind is to keep your eyes lubricated.  Using solutions made to help this matter is a great idea. Lastly if at any time you expereicne a discharge, blurred vision, unusual redness, and itching, make sure you go see your ophthalmologist or doctor right away and don’t wear your contact lenses until you are given an okay to do so.

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