Considering the fact that more than 264 million work days are lost in a single year due to back pain, you can understand the severity of the issue.

However, there’s a good chance that your back pain isn’t chronic. Which means you can recover from it. That’s good news!

You might as well consult with a doctor but if you manage to follow these 7 tips, you might never need to go that way.

So, dive in deep!!

1. Long & Sound Sleep

Having a good and long sleep at night after a stressful work can do wonders for your body and mind. If you already have a back pain, sleeping can keep it under check and make you feel better the next day.

You can use a variety of sleeping aids to help sleep better:

  • Melatonin: Melatonin supplements can help you fall asleep faster and also increase the duration of sleep. These supplements will work for most adults if not all.
  • Lavender: Smelling lavender oil just before going to bed can improve your sleep quality and can solve mild insomnia.
  • Glycine: This amino acid acts as a catalyst to sleeping faster. You can consume supplements or consume bone broth, beans, cabbage and spinach for the same effect.

2. Active Lifestyle With Effective Exercise

If you are working from home, chances are you are stuck in one place and not getting enough exercise. Other than sleeping, try to avoid getting into bed or crunching into the sofa for too long.

An active lifestyle will keep you healthy and most importantly give you relief from back pain.

Create an exercise plan that involves stretching and different forms of cardio. The more flexible your body is, the less chances of getting stressed out or putting too much pressure into a single body part.

3. Anti-Inflammatory Drink for Prevention

Inflammatory reactions can often cause back pain. So, to counter that you can consume anti-inflammatory drinks. These drinks will flush your body with antioxidants and anti-cancer agents.

Here are some options:

  • Parsley Ginger juice: A ginger parsley juice can prevent production of inflammatory molecules and rheumatoid arthritis to some extent. A handful of parsley, 1-2 inches of ginger, a little bit of lemon and a green apple blend together will relieve back pain.
  • Turmeric milk: Turmeric is a known antioxidant and anti-arthritic agent. Half a teaspoon of turmeric mixed in a warm glass of milk will do the magic.
  • Bone broth: It’s a tested and proven remedy for keeping your joints healthy. Opt for a chicken bone broth and make it a part of your diet.

4. Good Posture Can Make a Great Difference

Most people overlook the importance of posture whether you are sitting, working or even brushing your teeth. The little things matter and a wrong posture over the years can develop into back pain.

A general rule of thumb is to keep your neck, shoulder and back aligned straight, so you don’t put excessive stress on any single part of your body. The choice of chairs or furniture is crucial to maintain proper posture. Check out Experthomemakers for a variety of ergonomic chairs and other stuff.

Try rotating your activities. If you are working on a desk for hours, shift to a standing table. The trick here is to remain flexible and avoid static posture for too long.

5. Proper Sleeping Habits

We won’t go deep into sleeping habits. But at least you need to maintain a proper sleeping position to limit back pain or prevent from having back pain.

It’s best to avoid stomach sleeping as it can put a lot of stress in the head and the neck.

That leaves us with two other popular positions— Back sleeping & side sleeping. Both are acceptable and safe for your back.

When you are side sleeping, just make sure to change sides. As a bonus, you can keep a pillow between your knees to keep the spine in a good position.

As for back sleepers, you can keep a pillow behind your knees. This will help maintain the natural curve of the spine.

6. Heat Therapy is a Proven Way to Relieve Back Pain

Applying heat to your back can be a great way to relieve back pain. A study has found that applying low-level heat wrap overnight can reduce back pain the next day and to some extent the day that follows.

You can keep a heat patch with you and use it when you go to sleep. If you buy a self-activating version, it will soothe you when it comes in contact with your body. It’s helpful when you are driving or sitting and working on a desk for long hours.

7. Relaxation Tactics Can Help Endure Pain

Stress in any form can impact your body, whether it’s an accident or a traumatic event.

Follow at least one of these stress relieving tactics for a healthy lifestyle:

Meditation: A good way to increase pain endurance is to meditate. It won’t heal you physically completely but your mind will become better to fight pain.

Yoga and deep breathing: If you are already doing yoga, you are practicing deep breathing. Deep breathing can slow down your heartbeat and help you think peacefully. In other words, you will feel less stressed.

Positive perception on life: The more you think positive, the better your mind will tolerate stress. You can start with positive self-talk or even join a seminar or class to nurture positive thoughts.

Conclusion & Editor’s Choice

In the end, it doesn’t matter what works for you. The trick is to keep trying and becoming self-conscious.

Most people hold onto bad habits until it turns out into something significant like back pain. If you don’t have a back pain yet, keep yourself out of activities that might result in one.

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