There are many reasons why someone gets breast augmentation surgery. Whether it’s for cosmetic reasons or following a procedure like a mastectomy, everyone who goes through the surgery will need to go through recovery as well.

While the full recovery time is roughly 6-8 weeks, you should start to feel better after just 1 or 2 weeks. However, this doesn’t mean you should jump right back into your everyday activities.

Here are five things to keep in mind after breast augmentation surgery to help ensure your recovery goes smoothly.

1. Avoid Strenuous Activity or Lifting

Breast Augmentation

Avoid exercising for the first few weeks, especially activities that involve lifting or using your upper body. Participating in strenuous activity too soon after your breast augmentation surgery can cause breast implants to move around or your stitches to open.

While it’s best to take it easy in terms of more intense exercise, light walking is a good way to get your body moving safely.

If you have small children, consider asking someone to help you with childcare post-surgery to help you avoid any lifting.

2. Stick to a Sports Bra

After your surgery, comfort and support will be key. Wear a sports or compression bra (a post-op bra is also a great option) to help prevent bruising and irritation. Many people recommend wearing the sports bra 24 hours a day while you’re still healing.

After 6 weeks to 2 months (and with the okay from your doctor), you can then switch to underwire bras. If possible, look for bras that have a clasp in the front instead of the back for easier use.

3. Sleep Upright

Breast Augmentation

This may sound uncomfortable, but sleeping upright is important for preventing fluid from gathering in your surgery area.

While sleeping upright, it’s normal for your quality of sleep to decline. Help combat this by setting aside more time for sleep than you might have before your surgery. Prop yourself up with some pillows, and try to catch those very needed z’s.

4. Take Care of Your Scars

Ask your doctor for a recommendation for antioxidant scar cream, and apply this to your scars according to the instructions. This will help keep them clean and healing properly.

Remember, areas on your body with scarring are more sensitive to sunlight. Apply sunscreen to the scar areas and keep your scars out of the sun to avoid burns.

5. Follow Your Doctor’s Instructions

Breast Augmentation

While there are many tips out there for how to take care of yourself after breast augmentation surgery, each person is different.

Your doctor knows your unique case and can recommend advice that’s specific to you. For the best recovery, listen to their instructions and ask for clarification when you need it. They’ll be able to offer you a more detailed recovery timeline for your body as well.

If you’re worried that something is wrong, or you have a question, reach out to your doctor, so they can advise you.

Help Your Breast Augmentation Recovery Go Smoothly

These are just a handful of helpful tips when it comes to breast augmentation surgery and recovery. By taking it easy, caring for your body, and listening to your doctor, you’ll be recovered in no time.

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