Most people choose to move during summer due to the warm weather and the kids being out of school. Summertime, however, comes with its challenges. The heat and humidity can make the moving process daunting. But with proper preparation and planning, moving can be manageable at this time of the year. Here are ten tips that will make the process smoother and more comfortable.

1. Make the Right Choice: DIY vs. Hiring Professional Movers

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When planning your move, you must first decide whether to hire professional movers or have a DIY move. Several factors will determine what’s best for you. For instance, hiring professional movers is a better choice if you are moving with lots of items or having a long-distance move. On the other hand, if you are moving to a place nearby and have people to help you move, you can opt for the DIY move.

2. Maximize Your Time

Having decided how you will move, start preparing for the big day as early as possible. If you are hiring professionals, find a reputed company and communicate your expectations early to avoid last-minute changes. You should remember that summer is the peak moving season, and the demand for movers will be higher. Regardless of your reasons for moving, always have a plan from start and finish. Whether you need to house hunt, secure a mortgage, or pack your items, always maximize the little available time.

3. Work with a Timeline or Schedule

Before moving, ensure that you have a schedule or a checklist of how things need to be done. Your checklist should feature details such as renovations needed in your current or next home, decluttering plans, how to source packing supplies, etc. Start with a week-by-week schedule, and as the moving day draws closer, have a day-by-day schedule. Working with a schedule will help you stay on track and prevent any last-minute house-moving disasters.

4. Choose the Right Move-Out Date

Moving during summer can be expensive, but who said you could not find a better deal on a moving day? As we’ve discussed, booking a moving company early enough is ideal. But there are other additional factors that you will have to consider to help you move cost-effectively. One of them is picking a weekday since most people prefer moving over the weekend, and moving costs will likely increase on such days. Another tip is to pick your moving date in the middle of the month.

5. Consider Moving Fewer Items

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If your circumstances allow, consider leaving some things behind or moving only with the essentials. The key is to move smart; that way, you’ll pack light and reduce costs. Keep in mind that moving companies will calculate your moving costs based on the weight and bulkiness of your items. Create a list of items you should take with you and those you should not. The rule is to eliminate things you no longer use or like, such as broken items, outgrown ones, and old belongings.

6. Organize a Yard Sale

From the list of items to leave behind, you can take advantage of the summer weather to organize a yard sale. This will be a great way to dispose of the items you don’t need, earn some cash, and reduce moving costs. You need to understand that large and old items like furniture could be more expensive to move than buying new ones, so do your math well. And if it’s not worth moving with them, you should sell and buy new ones later.

7. Maximize Free Packing Supplies if Moving on a Budget

When moving on a budget, it’s best to cut on extra moving expenses. Before spending a ton of money on packing materials, consider using free packing supplies such as boxes, newsprint, packing paper, and bubble wrap. You can easily find these items from friends or cost-effectively in online marketplaces.

8. Know What to Keep Out of the Summer Heat

Considering that you are moving during the summer, heat is a factor you should think of when packing your items. Items vulnerable to high temperatures are likely to get spoilt or damaged if they are not well kept. Keep electronic items such as TVs and other appliances in an air-conditioned environment.

9. Keep Your Kids Safe During Moving in the Summer Heat

Amid all the chaos associated with moving, you will likely need to check on the kids constantly. Since kids are more prone to dehydration, you must ensure they have a bottle of cold water. You should also dress them in the right clothing, for example, light clothes covering the whole body and non-slippery shoes to prevent injuries.

10. Don’t Shy from Seeking Help

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Moving is both stressful and costly. Don’t hesitate to ask for help if you need financial assistance from a friend or family or need an extra hand packing things up. Whatever your need is, always embrace an open mindset and be ready to share your challenges, and someone will surely come to your help.

The Bottom Line

Now that you have some tips to guide you during the moving process, summer heat shouldn’t be a big deal! Be sure to take care of your kids, keep fragile items safe, and choose a reputable moving company if you are relocating somewhere far or want to avoid all the stress of moving.

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