Do you look in the mirror and smile β€” and then immediately frown? Chances are, you’re worried about your mouth health. You see that your teeth are yellow, your gums are bulging, and your breath’s fragrance leaves a lot to be desired.

Unfortunately, many of us neglect our mouth health more often than not. Take a moment to think about the food and drink that you consume. Are they the culprit for your poor oral hygiene? Do you brush your teeth more than once per day?

We often neglect the important habits to look after our oral hygiene. In fact, it’s not until our next dentist appointment that we even think about this!

But don’t worry, there’s a lot you can do to improve your mouth health. Here’s how to keep your mouth healthy:

1. Change Your Toothbrush

Change Your Toothbrush

How long have you and your current toothbrush been acquainted? It’s important to change your toothbrush at least once every three months.

If you find that the bristles are fraying, this is also when you should change your toothbrush, according toΒ this reputable Dentist in Pearland. As a general rule, if they begin to fray prior to three months you are brushing too hard.

2. Take Your Time

Brushing your teeth isn’t a race, though we often do it in a hurry! Most of us brush our teeth in the morning while we rush to school or work.

You must take 2-3 minutes each morning to brush your teeth. You want to take at least 30 seconds on each section of your teeth. The top-right, top-left, bottom-right, and bottom-left are the four sections of your teeth.

After you brush, take the time to rinse your mouth. Rinse several times with water. Afterward, you can use mouthwash to rinse. Make sure you let the mouthwash spread throughout your mouth several times before spitting it out.

3. Clean Your Tongue

Clean Your Tongue

Most of us forget that mouth health also includes cleaning our tongue. Bacteria and other contaminants can evolve on our tongue and spread to our teeth.

When you rinse your mouth, remember to rinse your tongue thoroughly. You should also invest in a tongue cleaner for scraping any contaminants from your tongue.

4. Floss

You want to make sure you floss your teeth every time you clean them. If food gets stuck between your teeth, they can develop bacteria over time. This bacteria can take 24 hours to turn into plaque. Once plaque gets developed, cavities will be soon to follow.

It’s best to carry pocket floss with you at all times. This way you can floss after every meal. Make sure when you floss that you are gentle so as not to harm your gums.

5. You Are What You Eat (and Drink)

You Are What You Eat

The best way to ensure you have good mouth health is to prevent issues in the first place. The main culprit for poor oral hygiene lies in our diet.

As much as possible, you should avoid foods that are high in sugar. You should avoid junk foods such as chips, chocolate, and candy bars. You should also avoid drinking soda and alcohol as much as possible.

You want to make sure your diet is filled with healthier foods such as fruits and vegetables. If you are able to stick to drinking water only, this is the best route. Other drinks should only get drunk in moderation and on occasion.

You want to also remember that what you eat can get stuck between your teeth. If you eat such foods, make sure to floss as soon as possible.

6. Tobacco and Cannabis

If there’s one vice that will definitely wreak havoc to your teeth it’s smoking tobacco. When you smoke, your mouth attracts bacteria at a much higher rate. Bacteria will be more likely to grow in a smoker’s mouth than a non-smoker’s mouth.

You will also experience bad breath. Bad breath that comes from smoking cannot get easily treated from brushing or rinsing. You will also increase your chances of getting gum disease and oral cancer.

Even if you aren’t a smoker, consuming tobacco in other ways will damage your teeth. Chewing tobacco should be avoided as much as possible.

Consuming cannabis is also detrimental to your mouth health. One effect is that you will experience dry mouth. This means that you will produce less saliva than is needed for a healthy mouth. When you have dry mouth, it can lead to gum disease, cavities, overgrown gums, and mouth inflammation!

Smoking cannabis can also damage your teeth’s enamel. This can lead to a permanent stain. Cannabis also leads to an increased appetite. When you have an increased appetite while experiencing the euphoria of cannabis, you are unlikely to make the best decisions in choosing your food options!

7. Supplements

You might wish to consider a few supplements for cleaning your teeth. As discussed, you should always rinse with an anti-bacterial mouthwash after brushing your teeth. You can also keep a pack of dental chewing gum or strips with you at all times.

If you chew the gum after a meal, this can bring a better fragrance and reduce bad breath. This type of gum is also great for your teeth’s health. Strips also fight against bad breath but also can clean your tongue.

You want to do your research on what are the best supplements for dental health. Make sure you choose one that is approved by most dentists. Don’t try a teeth whitening solution before speaking to your dentist.

8. See Your Dentist

See Your Dentist

Finally, you’ve got to find the best dentist in your area and see them when needed. Your dentist can clean your teeth better than you and will notice any issues that you haven’t.

If you ever need a dental procedure it shouldn’t get postponed. Make sure you go for a cleaning at least twice per year and follow your dentist’s advice. If the dentist recommends a dental procedure, you want to set up an appointment as soon as possible!

Improve Your Mouth Health

Follow these 8 tips and you’ll have no trouble in improving your mouth health. Poor oral hygiene can have serious consequences for your overall wellbeing. You want to make sure that your teeth are healthy and last you for decades in the future!

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