Sales are a major part of business growth.

Without sales, a business can’t sustain itself. They need customers and a monthly ROI to cover the cost of overhead in a business.

A sales funnel is one way of ensuring you have business growth. A sales funnel takes your customers through buying stages until they are ready to make a purchase. The customer will go from awareness to eventually the decision making or buying stage.

This is why you need to know how to create a sales funnel. Here’s a guide that can walk you through the essential steps of a sales funnel.

Create Awareness

If someone were to visit your website or see your ad, what would draw them into your business? What would kindle their interest?

If you want to create awareness, you need to give these potential consumers something for free. You want to give them a taste of your brand.

This typically involves creating blog content or advertisements in exchange for their email or it’s to spread brand awareness. The goal is to show them what you can offer and how you can help them overcome a problem.

Have a Call to Action

The next part of the sales funnel is to show how you’re different from your competitors.

For example, you need potential customers to take action after they read a blog post or see an advertisement. This is where a call to action comes in. You are giving potential customers something for free like a guide, ebook, or something else in exchange for their information.

The goal is to continue to warm them up to your business and show how you can help them.

You can see how Corberry Digital accomplishes this in their marketing strategies.

The Desire Stage

Now that you’ve shown potential customers the benefit of your product, educating them on your business, you want to push toward the sale without making a sale.

For example, you can highlight testimonials and show a positive review of what people have said about your business.

This can influence someone to make a buying decision.

Time to Make a Sale

The final stage is about making a sale.

You don’t want to assume people will naturally make a sale after you’ve nurtured them. You have to take action.

The goal is to set up a sales call or encourage them to make a buying decision. This may involve an email sequence that sets up a sale. When you set up a call or encourage the consumer to make a sale, then you’ve read the final part of the sales funnel.

Now You Know How to Create a Sales Funnel

Knowing how to create a sales funnel is critical because it doesn’t assume every consumer is ready to buy.

You have to nurture every consumer until they are ready to buy. When you educate your target market, show them the benefits of your product, they will be more willing to buy because they trust your brand.

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