Florida, also called the Sunshine State, has natural, unlimited and copious sunshine that its residents are proud of. Therefore, homeowners out there can make the most of this solar power to trim down electricity bills as well as live in an eco-friendly home. The inhabitants can invest in it to save utility bills and use the saved amount for other household expenses.

According to an article published on https://www.huffpost.com, there are several persuasive reasons to install home roof solar.

Before delving deeper into this article, let us understand what a solar home makeover is. To state simply, it implies harnessing the sun’s power by using solar panels to provide your home with clean, efficient and renewable energy.

Here are four tips to help you set up solar PV systems in your Florida home

1. Opt for solar electricity

You can also consider solar electricity, also called photovoltaic (PV). The initial cost for any 3-4 Kilowatt system for a moderate to large US home will cost you around $24,000- $40,000. Though payback is not possible for some 10 years, this is a suitable option for Florida homeowners whose utility bills amount to $400- $900 a month. You can witness a significant drop in your power bills immediately, and it is between 20-90 percent. You can even use solar power as a backup at times of power shortages, a great benefit during storms and hurricanes.

2. Ensure your home is ready for solar

If a thick cluster of trees does not surround your home, you can use solar in Florida. South facing homes and roofs are best for solar upgrades as they get maximum exposure to the sun’s direct heat and light. Roofs that face the west or east and flat roofs too are great for a solar makeover.

If steep roofing is a challenge, you can opt for ground-based systems, which are perfectly workable, provided the solar panels have ample support. Therefore, the best time to install solar equipment is when your house is in the design stage to ensure roof placement and maximum exposure to the sun. Also, ask Revolution Contractors Roofing and Solar, LLC for roof leakage, if any after installing solar panels.

3. Choose solar pool heating

Pool heaters backed by the sun’s energy will cost you less than $2,000, depending on the size and dimension of your swimming pool. The expenses of heating a normal pool using traditional fuel will cost you more than $2,000 annually. That’s why in the Sunshine State, solar solutions are an obvious choice for pool owners, who no longer like to use conventional electricity, propane heaters or fuel oil because of their rising costs.

4. Installing your solar equipment

There are solar pool heaters that come with do-it-yourself (DIY) kits with simple instructions that are easy to follow. You will also get the assistance of the customer support team in case there are any issues. However, a professional installer should always set up solar heaters, water heaters or pool heaters as there are electrical and plumbing complications.


If you are considering home solar or roof repair, choose a professional installer to help you save on power bills as well as contribute towards a greener environment.

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