Healthcare marketing is undergoing a significant shift since the last few years. The entire world is shifting to the digital platform, and the same holds true for the healthcare industry. Also, Covid-19 has proven that digitalization holds significant value in this sector, not just for sharing information but also for various purposes, including marketing.

With the digital era being established, marketing dynamics have also been changing rapidly. More and more focus is now being laid on digital integration and marketing through digital means. These ways are now being called as digital marketing, and they are said to govern 2020.

Letโ€™s have a look at some of the most effective and major tips for healthcare marketing in 2020

  1. Let the Content Speak โ€“ Content is the king in every era. Thus, make sure that your content stands out in the market. If you have a website, then you must keep it updated with the latest information about the diseases, and itโ€™s prevention tips. Let the expert doctors and researchers share their opinion on your website. Also, keep a close look and analyze what kind of content works for you. Soon, you will be able to figure out which content is working best for you. Google has time and again proven that a patient does a minimum of 3 Google searches before landing at your clinic. So, let them get the information and find you.
  2. Digitization at itโ€™s best โ€“ This is the latest practice which started at some places in 2019, but thanks to the pandemic situation, online OPDs are being implemented widely. OPD is the outpatient department, and thus since patients can not visit the hospital in the present scenario, they are resorting to digital medium for OPD services. You can even go for online OPDs through the mobile application.Other than this, doctors can also speak on health and wellness through videos. Overall well-being and immunity building is something we all are looking forward to. If doctors have some YouTube videos on the same, then it is going to be quite beneficial. YouTube has also emerged as one of the biggest search engine platforms next only after Google. So, anything on YouTube can serve as the game-changer for healthcare marketing. You can also have a look at the video marketing guide to know more.
  3. Blogging is the way to move forward โ€“ Since the digital market is expanding; thus blogging is also set to expand itโ€™s base further in 2020. And we are not talking about the regular blogging here. SEO optimized posts have special relevance in blogging. It is quite important to improve Google ranking so that more and more organic traffic is on your way.Also, once you are among the top Google searches, then you can get new patients here. Plus, blogging allows you to go beyond your website where you can create your own personal identity, and your followers will resonate with you. Ultimately, this will convert into your leads in future.
  4. Podcasts are the next thing โ€“ Podcasts are emerging as one of the strongest marketing tools for the healthcare industry.ย  You wonโ€™t believe it, but this can serve as a source of patient referral as well. Host your own podcast on any trending topic in the healthcare industry. Alternatively, you can also host a podcast on the general well being of a human being. Try to post your podcast at various social media platforms to get better reach and visibility.
  5. Social Media Marketing โ€“ Social media has made its presence felt in every sphere of our life. And thus, the healthcare industry is also looking for ways to get benefitted by the same. This is the time when the doctors should appear at different social media platforms and make their presence felt. It can help healthcare practitioners immensely in generating leads, and the targeting and retargeting algorithms of the social media tools will help doctors to connect with the correct set of people.
  6. Google can be helpful โ€“ It is imperative to get yourself listed in the Google maps. It is proven that over 56% of people use local intent on the go searches. Most of the people use Google Maps for navigation while driving. It is both supported by Android Auto and Apple Car Play. Use Facebook area-specific ads and geotagging locations to get yourself identified here.
  7. Email marketing โ€“ You wonโ€™t believe, but email marketing is quite important in the healthcare industry. This is the best way to connect with the patients and retain them. Get the email id of your patients. This will help you to stay connected with them. You can create a timeline and send them the doctorโ€™s expert advice every month on any trending disease pattern, seasonal diseases and likewise.
  8. Data Analytics โ€“ Data is said to be the 4th pillar of the industrial revolution. With data, you have a clear target market, and you know what works for you. So, rather than the guessing game, let your data speak for you. This will be quite helpful in the long run, and you will be able to establish your foot quite strongly.
  9. Referrals and Paid advertising โ€“ One of the most effective yet ignored healthcare marketing strategy is referral and paid advertising. Patient referrals are still the old school way to move ahead in the healthcare industry. But what is important here is that you can devise a new age incentive-based patient referral system so that the end-users are well benefitted.
  10. Trend based marketing โ€“ Successful marketing is all about staying updated with the trend. And the same goes true with the healthcare industry as well. The current trend is staying healthy, with overall making the defence mechanism strong and with diet-based therapy. And all of this is being looked after in trend-based marketing. Webinars and other web-based platforms on such topics can be highly beneficial.

In 2020 the healthcare industry is all about integrating art and science into the digital medium. And with the above marketing tips, your ROI will definitely improve. Having a well thought out and detailed healthcare marketing plan will definitely prove to be helpful. Work on the SWOT part too. List out your goals and visions and keep them updated from time to time. This will result in better patient inflow, patient satisfaction and overall growth of the healthcare industry.

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