Giving gifts is a wonderful way to celebrate an occasion and show someone that you are thinking about them. Unfortunately, some gifts are also expensive to purchase. If you are struggling with money, it can be difficult to buy gifts to show your love and appreciation for friends and family.

However, there do exist some great gifts that can be given even on an incredibly tight budget that is sure to be appreciated. With that in mind, this blog post is going to help you find some awesome gifts to give to your loved ones if you are struggling with money.

Tips for Finding Awesome Gifts: 6 Creative Solutions

Buy Them Flowers

Buy Them Flowers

Buying flowers is certainly a gift idea to consider if you are struggling with money. While some flowers can be pricey, there are plenty of others that are very affordable. You can do some online searching for the cheapest flower to buy, or even head down to a local store or florist to see their prices.

In many cases, you will find some common flowers on sale for a reasonable cost. Whether expensive or cheap, flowers continue to be one of the best gifts you can give. They not only improve the look of any room they are put in but also help fill a room with a wonderful scent and boost the mood of anyone who sees them.

Plan an Outing

Whether you need to make up to your best friend or want to celebrate their birthday, another great gift idea is to plan an outing with them. This could be a walk in the park, a picnic, a visit to a museum, or a combination of different activities and destinations.

You have the flexibility to ensure this outing costs whatever you can afford. In many cases, you can have a lovely day out with your friend or family member without having to pay a single cent. Choose things that are interesting to the recipient, and make sure you do all you can to help them have a great time.

Make Them Something

If you are short on cash but still want to give a physical gift, consider making them something. It can be free, or very affordable, to make something and there is an endless amount of items that you can consider creating.

You can make them jewelry, make some art, make them a gift basket, and create dozens of other things that can be given as a gift. Some of these may take some time, effort, and materials, but the results can be well worth the time and work.

If you canโ€™t make the item yourself for one reason or another, you can often pay a local artist to create something, often for less than it would cost to buy their gift from the store. Handmade and personalized items are always a hit, so you can ensure that they will appreciate the effort you put into this gift and will absolutely adore it.

time as a gift

Help Them Out

Giving someone your time as a gift can be another great idea if you are short on cash to get them a physical gift. There are several ways that you can give someone your time as a gift. You can do some errands for them, help them out with work around the house, or offer to take some things off of their plate.

This can free up a lot of their time, which is sure to be much appreciated. This is especially helpful if the individual is struggling or seems overwhelmed with work, a cross-country move, or something else major.

Sometimes, being there for your loved one and helping them out when they need it most can be more valuable than a gift, and is sure to be appreciated just the same.


A common option for those who want to give gifts without spending a lot is to regift an item. Most of us have received plenty of gifts over the years, and not all of them are things that we end up putting to good use. Some of them are appreciated as gifts, but just arenโ€™t things we see ourselves using. Sometimes we may sell these, but oftentimes, they simply sit in the basement collecting dust.

If you were given something as a gift that you think the recipient would enjoy or get more use out of, donโ€™t hesitate to regift it to them. You donโ€™t need to mention that itโ€™s a regift if it makes you uncomfortable, as well.

Of course, make sure to avoid giving someone a gift that they gave you in the past, as it can be a bad look. Also, make an effort to ensure the gift you give is something that the recipient will actually want or use, and isnโ€™t simply something you are trying to get rid of and give to someone else.

Make a Small Donation in Their Name

Another good idea is to make a donation in someoneโ€™s name to a cause they believe in or support. Even a small donation can make a huge impact in the grand scheme of things, often more so than a gift of a similar value.


They will be incredibly appreciative of this gift, especially if they donโ€™t really need anything and are well-off. Not only that, but some charitable donations can be tax-deductible, making it even more cost-effective from your side.

Some donations even come with a small physical gift that can go along with the donation, so you can still give them something in a traditional sense. This is likely to be something small but is better than nothing.

In Conclusion

We hope that this guide has been able to help you learn about some of the best gifts to give to friends and family if you are struggling with money. These are far from your only options but are some affordable ones to consider that will still put a smile on your recipient’s face.

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