If you love mobile gaming as much as we do, we’re sure mobile game development will interest you. By taking on board some tips and hacks, you can get your game to the next level.

If you’ve never created before, but you have an interest, that’s fine. If you’re experienced in gaming app development all the better, no matter what, these proven strategies learned the hard way would save you bags of time and money and help you succeed.

Gaming app is the way forward, so why not cash in with these helpful tips?

Tips For Success In Mobile Gaming App

Pay attention to the first tip because it’s the most important – choose the mobile gaming app you love and improve it. Use what works and what doesn’t work as a guideline.

The secret to designing the best games is finding what works, making them better, adding value, and adding detail. Applying this method to your game development works, yes it would be great to come up with something completely new, but it’s even better to use a tried and tested formula and tweak it to fit your specification.

Here’s what to do for quick results: Do some research and find out what’s hot and what’s working for the developer by checking out the top games in the App Store or games store on your chosen platform. Play the games, note the faults, the pluses, and the negatives. Then brainstorm the ways you and your friends could improve the game.

Mix and match gaming trends but don’t be tempted to copy. Use the elements that work and play with them until you have an entirely new concept. It’s surprising how ideas often present themselves as you go along.

Tips For Success In Mobile Game Development

Make Prototypes

Nothing in development is ever perfect the first time around, and as practice always makes perfect, it is a good idea to make some prototypes. Playable prototypes of your gaming app will help to iron out the flaws and fix the bugs.

Testing the basic version of your app is essential and will let you know if you’re hitting a sweet design spot or not. Now’s the time to examine every inch of the invention, polish the edges and make sure the game flows and makes sense.

It’s a good idea to make more than one prototype because, inevitably, features will need to be added or taken away. Using the prototype as a test, you will save a lot of time and money, and nothing is lost if your idea changes as you go along.

Create A Gaming Plan

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Motivation fades, and without a plan, you may find that you don’t complete your app even though it’s almost ready. Sometimes the idea can be better than the production. No one is denying creating a new gaming app is hard work.

Create a strategy, map out approximately how long it’s going to take to complete the game, and diarise the stages so that when a task is completed, you can tick it off your schedule and pat yourself on the back.

Give yourself a deadline, stick to it, create a development schedule, and work towards ticking off each stage. Set reminders on your phone, but most of all, do a little bit every day. Small steps are manageable even if you’re working full time. Before you know it, your app will be a viable proposition (hopefully).

Great Graphics Is The Key

Gaming is a visual experience, so it’s essential to have excellent graphics and an exciting storyline. Exceptional graphics can cover a poor storyline, but a storyline will not make up for rubbish graphics.

If the app doesn’t look good and grabs you in the first 10 seconds, you may as well not bother, harsh as it seems we cannot express enough how important the graphics on your app are.

If you’re not a graphics expert, find someone who is. Forums are a great place to connect to like-minded folk or check YouTube for some tutorials.

Consistency is essential. All the characters need to look like they were designed on the same day and seamlessly blend into the story.

Great Graphics Are Key

Sound On

Excellent sounds, music, and sound effects will make or break your game. Including a catchy soundtrack or playing a music loop will give the gamer a better experience. Music is a potent tool to use to maintain momentum and generally set the pace of your game.

There are plenty of apps that create sound effects and music sites to download free music for commercial use. Now you have the basics sorted, remember to publicize the hell out of your app.

Use Social Media Marketing

Add to your strategy a marketing plan, create a buzz; the interest in the app will motivate you. Gaming fans are fascinated by those that can create great games, so share your story.

It’s a mistake to wait until your game is developed to start telling people about it. Consider your target market and use their feedback to create interest. You could even use them as a focus group to determine what the buying public expects from a game and tailor it accordingly.

Get Active On Forums

Use forums to promote your app, network with other developers, gamers, and buyers. If you need money to finish your work, use crowdfunding sites, there are sites like Indegogo, especially for gamers and techies.

Passionate gamers make games that succeed. If you find halfway through you decide development is not for you, don’t worry; you can always become a gaming app critic and some review sites will pay you for your opinion. Happy gaming, friends!

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